Monday, September 29, 2008

溏心風暴 VS 溏心風暴之家好月圓

溏心風暴 VS 溏心風暴之家好月圓 ~ Scene that happen in Heart Of Greed and also happen in Moonlight Resonance.

1) In Heart Of Greed, they always love to say " Yao Yau Yuen Fah Fong ar... " mean,
got fire works to put on.. seen like is a quote for the series.. and in Moonlight..
they always love to say " Ng Sai Gieng, Ho Ma Hai Dai Ting / Jo Bao / Ma Ma "
mean, no need worried, Ho Ma / Jo Bao / Ma Ma is in living ..
2)In Heart Of Greed , there's a scene on Chris Lai ( Foon Zai ) betrayed her mum
Suzanna ( Sai Kai ) in pressed conference .. and in Moonlight..

Kate Tsau ( Ga Mei ) she is the 1 to betrayed Michelle Yim ( Hung ) on voice out, all
her bad that she have done so far.

3) In Heart Of Greed, there's 2 died scene, where all children and relatives cry so sadly,
1st scene on died is Lee Sze Kei ( Sai Kai ) and 2nd is Ha Yu ( Dai Bao ) and in Moonlight..

The death scene is Grand-Ma only.. all the grand-children and her son ( Jo Bao ) and
her daughter in law ( Ho Ma ) cry so sadly
4) In Heart Of Greed.. slapping scene is not that much, just a few.. but in Moonlight..
In Moonlight, there's quite lot of slapping scene.. here is some of that..

5) In Heart Of Greed, slapping scene in between Michelle Yim & Suzanna in washroom
the role of them is Michelle ( Lei Yi ) is angry on what have Suzanna ( Sai Kai ) done to all
children and hurt Dao Bao plus her sis Dai Kai .. but in Moonlight..
in Moonlight, its different, the slap again in washroom, but this time, Michelle Yim ( Hung )
as the 2nd wife of Jo Bao and Suzanna as sis of Ho Ma, and scolding Michelle for being 3rd party.

6) In Heart Of Greed, the wedding scene on 2, just Bosco & Tavia ( Gil Gil + Jackie ) &
Suzanna & Ha Yu ( Sai Kai + Dai Bao )

In Moonlight, the wedding scene is quite alot, got Suzanna & Yuen (Sa Yi + Yan Chi),
Fala & Dexter (Ah Hing + Kelvin), Kate Tsui & Chris Lai (Ga Mei + Ah Yuen) and
Ha Yu & Michelle Yim (Jo Bao + Hung )
7) In Heart Of Greed, touching scene on wedding is Bosco & Tavia ( Gil Gil + Jackie ) both
HOG & MR also hug Lee Sze Kei

In Moonlight, touching scene on wedding is Fala & Dexter ( Ah Hing + Kelvin )

8) Kissing scene in between Linda Chung & Raymond Lam in Heart Of Greed & Moonlight Resonance.

9) Linda Chung sweet sweet and shy shy smilling face that appear in Hear Of Greed and also in Moonlight Resonance. Both scene also due to Raymond Lam

10) Court scene of Heart Of Greed and Moonlight Resonance

11) In Heart Of Greed , Moses ( Sai Bao ) did cry in the public phone, calling to Linda Chung (Siong Joy Sum ) and in Moonlight.

In Moonlight, Tavia ( Ah Yue ) and Moses ( Ah Ka ) also cry in the public phone as well..

12) In Heart Of Greed, touching scene where, Fala ( Yan Yan ) did give a talk on thanks
Moses ( Sai Bao ) for doing alot on so care the family as a big brother and in Moonlight..

In Moonlight, there's a scene on brother and sisters touching scene too.. where, Raymond ( Goon Ga Zai ) go to interview along with Fala ( Ah Hing ) on doing translation for Ah Hing, its touching scene too..

13) In Heart Of Greed, there is a video watching scene on celebrate anniversary yr of Ha Yu + Lee Sze Kei (Dai Bao + Dai Kai )and in Moonlight

In Moonlight, there is also a video scene too, where the family celebrate moon cakes festival.
its quite a sweet and touching scene too..

So, this is just my work on, after watch this 2 series and feel there is some similarties on this 2 series. And i love this 2 series alot.. wish so, you all enjoyed viewing.. :)

溏心風暴之家好月圓 ~ on Scoop & Jade Solid Gold

溏心風暴之家好月圓 ~ on Jade Solid Gold & Scoop

JSG ~ Suzanna, Michelle Yim, Ha Yu, Lee Sze Kei, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam,
Chris Lai, Yuen Siew Cheong, Fala Chen, Grand-Pa

Scoop ~ Suzanna, Michelle Yim, Lee Sze Kei, Lee Heung Kam,
Raymond Lam, Chris Lai, Vincent Wan, Yuen Siew Cheong and etc...

溏心風暴之家好月圓 ~ MR Ending Night Special

溏心風暴之家好月圓 ~ Moonlight Resonance Ending Night Special

Cast ~ Ha Yu, Lee Sze Kei, Michelle Yim, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung,
Lee Heung Kam, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Vincent Wan, Dexter Yeung, Shirley Yeung
and more.....

Opening come with, Jo Bao & Ho Ma come out first and in hand with hand,
coming up is Sa Yi & Yan Chi, Sa Yi again come out wif her " 我说你行,你就行,
我说你不行,你就不行," haha...
Next is Hung Yi & Yue Sou Sum @ Ah Chow ..
Next is Dr.Ling & Goon Ga Zai and ending part to on stage is
all the children got Tavia, Kate, Chris Lai, Vincent and Dexter Yeung
Then the show goes with Suzanna sing the song " Unintentionally harming you -
无心害你 " after that, on stage got Shirley Yeung, Michelle Yim and Lee Heung Kam
talk abit on abt the series Moonlight and the story related to the scene on
episode 19, where Jo Bao force all the children to scold him and voice out, all the
un happy thing in their heart..and here they cont.. agian on stage...
here got " Ha Yu, Suzanna, Wayne Lai, Yuen Siew Cheong,
Chris Lai, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Vincent Wan, its a funny
version on abt scolding Jo Bao..

Next is the part on Lee Sze Kei, Suzanna Raymond and Wayne Lai
on doing mooncakes.
Coming up is on the part of Yue Sou Sum @ Ah Chow wanna choose
Dr.Ling or Goon Ga Zai.. so, they have 2 team of person that side, each
of them , Goon Ga Zai side got " Grand-Ma Lee Heong Kum,
Ah Yue Tavia Yueng, Ah Yuen Chris Lai and Zhung Zai Vincent Wan,

Dr.Ling side got Michelle Yim Hung Yi, Ga Mei Kate Tsui,
Kelvin Dexter Yeung and last Grand-pa..

So, end up, Ah Chow don't know how to choose and
Ho Ma LSK to help her..and LSk come out wif a word, if
she know how to choose, she wont choose Jo Bao la.. haha.

So, next is the games part on Michelle Yim, Suzanna and LSK wif audience.a
and the last of the show is Raymond Lam sang the songs " Love No Enough ~ 愛不疚 "
and everyone wil enjoyed the last 2 episode together..
So, after watch episode 39 & 40, everyone is in a touching and happy mood
on a souvinier presentation by Chan Chi Wan to the director of this series.

so, end part.. they did not say whether there is Part 3 or not.. but,
i did wish so, there is Part 3