Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 7 to Epi 10 ( Spoiler )

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 7 to Epi 10 ( Spoiler )

Wow, these few episode, is quite a scary episode,

due to Ever Mak 'son , love play 1 nite stand relationship and

this time, he met a mentally problem girl, cause all his

family member include summer and mandy in

danger moments...

Next , to Charmaine Li's couple , her story actually i felt now

aday really alot of couple will due to wedding photos ,

all abt wedding preparation, sometimes will end up

from a happy thing that need to be done together and

then be come sad or might break up due to miss-communication

or different thinking arguement..

The funny moment of Mandy and Summer is,

Mandy need to attend her rich lady friends party,

but she got no bf to bring along, trying to pay and

get a part time bf , end up Summer help her...

i guess sound start of the good feeling from them toward

each other.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grace Under Fire - 女拳 ~ Epi 1 to Epi 5 ( spoiler )

Grace Under Fire - 女拳 ~ Epi 1 to Epi 5 ( spoiler )
Bosco Wong @ Ah Looong,
Kenneth Ma @ Ah Sui
Liu Xuan @ Guai Lan
Fala Chen @ Ah Fah
John Chiang @ Master Wong Fei Hung
Dominic Lam @ Ah Loong Dad
Ray Wong @ Wong Fei Hung Son @ Hon Yip
This series is full of surprises and i do like all the role
so much ,
Kenneth Ma as the playful guy that love to gamble and
love to talk alot and playful around with pretty girls,
he only like Fala the most...
Fala , is a girl love money alot , thinking alot of
way to married a old and rich man....
accidently met Kenneth Ma and , due to Ah Sui
like her so much , so think alot way to help her
and they ( Guai Lan , Ah Sui and Ah Fah stay together
with GUai Lan Uncle )
Next Ah Loong is son of Dominic , that his dad is sick
and Master WOng try to help but who know, Master Wong
is the 1 , that cause them into this end... end up , Ah Loong
want to retrenge due to his dad suicide... but of
course he can't beat Master Wong...
Ray Wong @ Hon Yip a newspaper writer , like to help alot of
ppl and try to write alot to let everyone know , the bad side of
Ngok Wah , but his relationship with his dad Master WOng
is very bad, actually his dad done alot help him behind,
but he don't know, he only hate his dad for only like to fight around...
Kenny Wong only appear first episode, i hope that he will appear again
in coming episode...