Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maggie Siu refuses to comment on Ekin Cheng’s relationship issues

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Last night, Maggie Siu attended the first anniversary celebration for Easy Pha-max. She is the spokesperson for their health product. The event was arranged by the founders of the company.Arriving in a sexy low-cut gown, Maggie attracted many audience members who requested to take photos with her. She expressed that she has been their spokesperson for one year, but has been using their product for two years. She feels that their product has had a positive impact on her metabolism, and she doesn’t feel tired easily now. Maggie revealed that she will be filming a movie and tv series very soon. When asked if she wouldn’t have the time to date, Maggie replied that it’s a secret. She is very happy to be able to work. Reporters then asked of such rumors as Ekin Cheng having relationship problems, and Ekin getting married. Maggie replied that in the past, he treated her quite well, so she refused to respond to such rumors.

Vivien Yeo doesn't regret entering a pageant

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In recent years the standards of Miss Hong Kong have gone down hill. Many beautiful girls would rather become models than compete in a pageant nowadays. Vivien Yeo who previously entered Miss Chinese International Pageant 2004 stated that not everyone likes to be judged upon. But since entering the pageant it has been a eye opener. She doesn't regret choosing the pageant route.Although she didn't receive any awards in the pageant she remained in Hong Kong for her career. TVB immediately promoted her heavily. She said "At the time I was only 18 or 19 years old. I was a village girl from Malaysia. I only studied and hardly watched any TV. I decided to enter the pageant for fun". Recently many pretty models have been earning fast money and prefer not to enter pageants. But Vivien disagreed "Ha! I don't think TVB pay less yet we have many opportunities. Since staying in Hong Kong I have filmed TV series one after the other, advertisement work and doing shows. I have had many opportunties".Vivien expressed that while being on the pageant stage she was often judged upon. Yet not everyone can handle this kind of pressure. She said "Nowadays the female models are very pretty and have good body figures. Perhaps they feel they are already pretty and don't want to be judged upon. However competing in a pageant and being a model are totally different. Pageant girls are more likely to be taller and have good standards of education".Vivien considers that no matter which industry you are in, inner beauty is very important. "I agree that body figures of pretty models grab attention because they need to get noticed by advertising companies. Outer beauty is important but if you want to have a long career you need to upgrade yourself. In the last few years I have taken dancing and acting classes in TVB. That's why I don't regret joining a pageant to enter the entertainment industry because you really can learn a lot". Portrays a social butterfly in new seriesVivien has been busy shooting new TVB series "Five Flavors Of Life" recently. In the series she portrays a social butterfly and often has kissing scenes with Oscar Leung who plays a rich guy. She laughed "It's Oscar's first kissing scene. He told me that his heart was beating fast and his hands were shaking. I said to him : [Don't be afraid, big sister will take care of you.] It was very funny". Next month Vivien will return to Malaysia to host the "TVB 8 concert" and will be very busy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Burning Flame III - 烈火雄心III (2009)

Wong Hei as Chung Yau Sing 鍾有成
Lawrence Ng as young Chung Yau Sing
Kevin Cheng as Cheuk Pak Yu 卓柏宇
Bosco Wong as Fong Lee On 方履安
Myolie Wu as Ko Wai Ying 高惠盈
Aimee Chan as Wong Sin Bo 黃善寶
Matthew Ko
Elaine Yiu
Stephen Wong as Ko Ho Nam 高浩南
Joey Mak (麥皓兒) as Ko Yan Ying 高恩盈
Sam Chan as Law Huk Ming 羅克明
Leanne Li
Rocky Cheng

Chilam Cheung has a blocked mind while writing Mandarin lyrics

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Source: On.ccMatchbox @ http://www.illusive-serenity.co.cc

Chilam Cheung accepted a radio interview with Eileen Cha. He revealed that he will participate in writing lyrics for his new album. "Earlier I sang a duet with Myolie Wu in Cantonese. I will write the lyrics for the Mandarin version but recently my mind is blocked and I cannot think of any ideas". Chilam also disclosed that he quit smoking due to singing. "I am a weak willed person so that's why I took medication to stop smoking". (Did your son dislike you smelling of smoke?) "He likes me no matter what I smell of and will come to me".

Ada Choi takes care of her health to prepare to have children

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Ada Choi wore a mini dress yesterday evening and went to Macau to watch Korean singer Rain's concert. She stated that she didn't go there alone and actually went with 3 family members. Due to her husband working in Mainland they weren't able to go together. The reporter asked if she wanted to take photos with Rain? She laughed "No, I am shy. I am afraid I won't be able to control myself because I am now someone's wife. I rather remain seated and scream with the other female fans".The reporter mentioned that she had less work these days and whether it was to do with having children? She said "I really want to have children. I am starting to take care of my health but my husband is not in Hong Kong. I can only contact him by phone". (Will you take a flight to Mainland to visit him?) "I still have jobs to do and cannot leave. I don't want to get too tired and rather take care of my health".

Michelle Yim feels relieved that Wan Chi Keung is much better

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Source: WenweipoMatchbox @ http://www.illusive-serenity.co.cc
Michelle Yim appeared at the "ORBIS" event to close the ceremony. At the scene she attracted many children and parents who took photos with her. During the event Michelle shared a story about a child who suffered from eye disease. She also revealed that a few years ago she was originally planning to visit Indonesia to do charity work but in the end they cancelled the trip due to malaria.Since completing the shooting for "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" Michelle is currently busy shooting new series "Five Flavors of Life". She stated that because the series is a comedy it brings her a lot of laughter. "This time I need to portray someone who has lost their memory. That's why I can't resist laughing whenever we start filming". Although she is busy filming she revealed that her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung's health is much better than before. She feels more relieved and has more time to film a series.

Roger Kwok's series tops the viewer ratings

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The Threshold Of A Persona (Ep 15-19) 31 Points

Sweetness in the Salt (Ep 11-15) 28 Points

Off Pedder (Ep 172 -176) 25 Points

Beautiful Cooking II 30 Points

Jade Solid Gold 17 Points

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Niki Chow smiles awkwardly talking about men that cheat

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Niki Chow appeared in a sexy outfit while appearing on a music show. She also danced intimately with the male dancers. As to her sister's fiance cheating on Kathy and being forgiven. Niki said "I have spoken to my sister over the phone. But we did not talk about this incident. It's their business. She will know how to handle it". When the reporter mentioned that both of them handle men cheating in different ways, Niki smiled awkwardly and yelled out help. She refused to answer the reporter's question.

Liza Wang previously met Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson went to Hong Kong in 1987 for a vacation and previously visited Shaw Studios and TVB City in Clear Water Bay. During the time Liza Wang had the privilege to represent TVB and award Michael Jackson with a TV trophy as a souvenir. Both of them sat on the throne to take pictures. Michael also wore an Chinese ancient costume. When the reporter asked Liza about it yesterday she stated that she previosly said Hello and took photos with him. She felt that he was extremely talented in the music industry and his dancing was great. The photograph will be placed in her biography. As to Michael Jackson's death, Liza said that artistes with talent have very short lives. Such as Danny Chan, Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung etc. It's a great pity.
As well as Liza, Simon Yam also bumped into Michael Jackson during his visit at the Shaw Studios. Simon said "In 1987 I was shooting TVB series "The Book And Sword". I was quite shocked to see him. He was very curious about the Chinese costumes. During the time I was wearing a Chinese Emperor costume and he appeared to very interested in it. He touched the material and touhed my bald head. I also took pictures with him and got his autograph. I enlarged the photo and have kept it in the warehouse. Michael is very nice and didn't have an superstar attitude. He is one of my favorite singers. I often listen to his songs with my wife. Originally we bought tickets to watch his concert in England but now we haven't got that chance. It has made me realize people need to cherish and value the people around them".

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Linda Chung most enjoys working with Steven Ma

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Steven Ma and Linda Chung were shooting new TVB ancient series "The Legend of Pu Songling" earlier. The scene consists of them climbing up a tree and meeting each other for the first time. They also play a bickering couple in the series. Whether it's on screen or off screen Steven praised Linda for being very hardworking and that he was very lucky to work with her. Linda stated that she most enjoys working with Steven Ma. Even rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam cannot be compared.Actors are envious of him and complainSteven disclosed that in recent years he often worked with Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Fala Chen. Many male actors have said that they are envious of him. He said "Many male actors come up to me to complain. They ask me why the company always pair me up with such young Fa Dan's? Actually I feel extremely lucky. All 3 of them have great qualities. They are very hardworking and put in a lot of effort. It is worth appreciation. But what I find most funny is that whenever I work with Tavia, we start off as lovers in the series but never have a good result at the end. However when I work with Linda we always play a bickering couple".Linda praises Steven being Hardworking and PositiveAs to Steven Ma saying he feels very lucky to work with Linda, she laughed and said "Of course! He always gets to work with 3 of TVB's most beautiful and youngest Fa Dan's. I also enjoy working with Steven. Out of the TVB male actors he is one of the most hardworking. He is positive and professional". (Do you enjoy working with Steven or Raymond Lam?) "I enjoy working with Steven more because he can teach me a lot of things".

Thursday, June 25, 2009