Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 18 ( Spoiler )

Episode 18,
After slaping of Concubine Lai ( Tavia ) and Concubine Yin ( Selena )
still Concubine Lai thinking alot of tricks to get good image from Emperor ( Moses )
And this episode, Guo Hin Yeung ( Kevin ) know that Emperor likes Sam Ho ( Charmaine )
but a good Emperor , he will not force Sam Ho to be his Concubine , cos, he know
Sam Ho love Guo so much and he even promise Guo , the day of he settled Ma Yuen Ji,
is the day of he and Sam Ho leave the palace.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 17 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 17 (Spoiler )
Slapping scene in between Concubine Lai ( Tavia Yeung )and Concubine Yin, ( Selena Li )
any way, due to quite busy recently, wont drop too much on abt the series, but
will kept carried on cont the screen captures as much as i could..
Year end, so busy on work and personal matter...
Hope so, u all still love my blog and cont to support my blog..
Thanks all and wish so, u all love the new look of my blog ^_^

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 16 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 16 ( Spoiler )

Due to Kam Ling ( Tavia ) married to Kwong Wong ( Moses ) Sam Ho ( Charmaine ) worried abt her safety, and it’s so sudden that Ma suddenly ordered ppl to get Kam Ling away and cause Sam Ho so worried , and she quickly report to Emperor and he is so angry and thought , Ma wil killed Kam Ling, but due to Ma want Emperor to married wif Selena Li too.. so, he arrange Kam Ling to be his god-daughter too.. so, tat Kam Ling status wil match to Emperor.. and at last Kam Ling and Selena Li wil married to Emperor…

Kam Ling will be as Concubine Lai and Selena Li as Concubine Yin , but on the nite of they need to be with Emperor, both wife also waited until morning and both also thinking Emperor at another side, but Emperor did not go any side and morning while Concubine Yin meet Concubine Lai , and straight away give her a slap.. and cause Concubine Lai angry, but also know abt Emperor did not go her side too… and at the end, they both know from Emperor’s mum tat Emperor did not go both side..

Concubine Lai is clever type, she infront of everyone pretend to be every nice and good , just to let ppl see, she being bullied by Concubine Yin and the slap, 1 day, she will pay back to Concubine Yin.

As usual Concubine Lai wil told everything to Sam Ho , cos she know, Sam Ho wil inform Emperor and end up, Emperor wil put more care and attention on Concubine Lai.

The ending part of this episode, Tavia is really villain, her eyes is so villain compare to Selena Li..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 15 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 15 ( Spoiler )

While Kwong Wong ( Moses ) think to married Sam Ho ( Charmaine ) but, b4 he want to tell Sam Ho, he found out, Sam Ho only like Guo ( Kevin Cheng ) and plus, Sam Ho know from Kam Ling ( Tavia ) tat , Kam Ling likes Emperor… so Sam Ho did encourage Emperor to married Kam Ling and ,due to Sam Ho, Kwong Wong did think to married Kam Ling, and due to Ma suddenly appear to force Emperor to married his “ kai lui “ Selena Li,… and stopped Emperor married Kam Ling, cos Kam Ling is just the maids in palace… cause Kam Ling so sad.

Actually Kwong Wong had his planned, infront of Ma, his pretend as a bad Emperor tat only love to play around wif girls and did not pay attention on country matter.. but actually he already asked Guo to done a lot w/o notice by Ma.

And Emperor take this moment to be more close with Kam Ling and also the meet of Kam Ling and Selena , but Selena is those fussy girl , even purposely pour hot water to Kam Ling’s hand, and trying to order Kam Ling, tat she got no way to be same as her as Emperor’s wife.

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 14 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 14 ( Spoiler )

I really never expect that, Gong Xiong Gong and Si Zai Fong is the same , evil ppl tat doing a lot behind , just to make Yuen ( Suzanna Kwan ) and Zhong ( Michelle Yim ) to be enemies..

As Kam Ling ( Tavia ) wish to have, now she is staying beside Kwong Wong ( Moses ) and the mum, and also trying to be good , just to let Emperor to have good impression to her… even by helping Sam Ho ( Charmaine ) find back her dad.

Susan Tse, trying to think a lot of matter out, just to cause a lot trouble to Ma and Kwong Wong and end up, she being killed by Ma, oh abit sad, cos I like to watch the evil of Susan Tse, she is great in her acting.