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Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)Episode 5

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)
Screencapture of series, Episode 5 Reviews

To episode 5, David knows abt Siao Mei & Patrcik cheated him abt the business and another side,he did know abt , Lee Sze Kei did have sickness..tat still not sure, is what kind of sickness...
To Da Mei, due to last time she had hit Kalvin with her high heels, when she reached his office to sign abt the filming contracts... Kalvin did arrange all staff to try the high heels on to find outwhether who is the lady that hit him, but actually he is doing something to scare Da Mei andplus, he wont easy sign the contract with her, he will make a fool on her every time he meet her.. Oh pity Da Mei
This scene is quite romantic, of while Yi Mei see Siao Mei still got the heart on shopping due tothe husband business is in critical and she stil shopping, cuase Yi Mei so angry and scolded her in thebutic, but Siao Mei due to dun want let ppl seeing them on quarrel and try to talk soft to her but,when she cant stand any more on Yi Mei, she voice out something very hurt to Yi Mei and cuaseshe cry in the fitting room and in another side, Terence is waiting for her gf that trying new cloths..And while crying sadly Yi Mei ( Gigi ) saw a gown in the wedding room and just take it for a tryand being sawed by Terence... its really beautiful of Yi Mei, have grab Terence attention again..and the 1st time of Yi Mei and Terence to meet.. and so gentle of Terence, did pay for the gown and brought for Yu Mei w/o her notice..just due to , she carried the gown so beautifully.
Oh pity Da Mei, travel far away and need to talk abt the contract with Kalvin and Kalvin easyly signed, but after few hours, the signature be come blur and lost.. and she need back to hotel to get thesignature again... haiz.. pity Da Mei

Another side, Siao Mei and Patrick did travel to there, due to wanna meet up with Terence to ask him for join to their company projects... and i think so hardly Terence will joincos, earlier, while Yi Mei crying scene, i think so, Terence did heard what they're quarrel abtand did say Patrick is just clever on cheating family money..
And pity Terence, the Boat Racing started but this time he lossed to Kalvin.. i think so, should be something happen being done by Kalvin and cause he loosed the race..
Another side, this scene, did coming out alot of other cast.. all of the cast wear in beautiful and expensive jewellery to attend a party .. and ending part of tis episode, suddenlyPatrick ride a boat out in the nite and lost in the middle of the sea and cause Siao Meiso scary and kept on look for her husband.

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)Episode 4

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)Episode 4
Screencapture of series, Episode 4 Reviews

Episode 4, Kalvin ( Bowie ) again.. still kept on disturbing Terence, even when he is having dinner with his gf..any way, Kalvin he is the kind of don't love to loose and if he wanna win, he wil do alot of thing behind just to win and he pretend to remember Sunny ( Kenny Wong ) in-order that Sunny will helphim next time on Boat Racing and pity Terence, Sunny really help Kalvin..

And due to Da Mei company want to have an contract on shotting a movie with Kalvin, Da Mei , need to meet up with Kalvin and at the same time, he did have a meet with his husband to re-build back theirrelationship, but too bad.. Da Mei have meet with a fussy client and due to, she being push to the pooland cause her all wet to meet Tim , and pity is, Tim is planning to live seperately with her.. I never wonder Da Mei will do this, due to sad and angry, when she saw Kalvin hlaf drunk lay on thefloor of the building's entrance, she go and hit Kalvin head with her high heels..haha.. Great Da Mei

Another side, i m so surprise of Patrick ( Siao Mei ) husband will agreed on helping Siao Mei fatherto held a business on jewellery and end up.. they is not planning to help, but to cheat Siao Mei 'dad money, oh God.. how come Siao Mei will do tat.. and w/o anyone notice, she though they can do itquietly , but due to she brought a pirate bag and make her skin sensative..and being notice byMum and Yi Mei, abt her husband company is in critical moment..

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 (Contain Spoiler) Episode 3

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 (Contain Spoiler) Episode 3
Screencapture of series , Episode 3 Reviews

Episode 3, pity Maggie.. sadly and tell the mum , what she have done is wrong and only the mum realize..haiz.but i think so, now she already breakup 2 of her daughters marriage ( Gigi and Maggie ) and she still don't feel sheis wrong lo.. great.. the 1 m waiting , is on screen Moses Chan ( Terence ) when he on screen..he is so cool and handsome..andhe is attenting Daisy 's mum in-law funeral lo.. and being notice by Patrick and Patrcik is thinking of seeking hishelps for his own company by beating the Car Numbers of MA CHERRIE for him.. but too bad.. i don't think so, Terence want the car numbers,cos the car numbers is own by Bowie Lam ( Kalvin )

Moses ( Terence ) in this series, he will date with many girls and the 1st gf in the series.. i don't know who are her..but their relationship ended that fast and ended due to, Terence saw anothermore pretty TV host..haha.. beside.. funny Bowie ( Kalvin ) he always wanted to win Terence, but end upLoose..haha..the 1st, they beat is Boat racing..and end up Terence win and he got the help from ( Kenng Wong ) Sunny

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Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler ) Episode 2

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler )
Screencaptures of series , Episode 2 Reviews

To episode 2, due to break off marriage of Gigi, Maggie as the sis, feel want to cheer her sis and by introducing somefriends to her and here come, Aida husband ( patrick ) and too bad.. actually they arrange to introduce a friend to Gigiand have dinner at a hote's restaurant, but being reported in another way of Aida's Husband have an affair wif Gigi ..pity Gigi, never wonder, Aida will buy an air tic and ask her to get away from hk..due to they might happen something b4, on abt relationship in between her and Gigi plus a guy.. ( think so, later will being on screen )

And, while Aida is angry on Gigi's even the mum will side Gigi and don't side her.. she feel so angry , andhere i saw Wong He cheer her up..and make me feels..i think so, the 1 who Wong He admier is not Gigi, is Aida..haha..and when Aida back home and shouted and shopping due to the news.. she only notice, her husband company is in critical moment..

Another side, marriage in between Maggie and Tim , is also broken problems marriage.. they seldom meet each otherand have lots of conflits .. and pity is, even the mum of Maggie don't believe won daughter and think of, Maggiehave an affair wif the company artist and while she meet up wif the artist.. to ask the artist don't disturb herdaughter any more.. haiz.. she don't the real truth of the party is, the 1 who have affair , is Daisy another rich women and not Maggie..and pity is, Tim listen the conversation in between Mum ( LSK ) with the artist..cos, theartist admit he got affair with Maggie... haiz..pity Maggie..and i think so, Tim will wanna divorce with her soon..

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler ) Episode 1

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler )
Screencapture of the series, Episode 1 Reviews

Gem Of Life, the starting of the series, 3 main role " Aida , Gigi and Maggie " on the scene..with the beautifyl jewellery that being gave to them by their dad before they married. The jewellery isbeautiful. And starting wonder how come Da Mei ( Maggie ) will be enemies to Siao Mei ( Aida ) by done gossip and bring an artist under her working company ,she as a PR of the company andthe aritist got rumous with Siao Mei / Jessica husband , and give me a feels of the sisterrelationship is not that good lo..

Next to on screen is Lee Sze Kei & David Chiang ( Mum & Dad ) of the 3 sisters, Da Mei, Yi Mei and Siao Mei ( Maggie, Gigi and Aida )when the appearance of Lee Sze Kei , i feel she is those kind of, got little bit of money, but is a quite fussy lady.but the husband, David he is the nice and caring husband of Lee Sze kei & 3 daughtersnext the appearance of Wong He ( Ah Woh ) he is the student of David in the jewellery factory,and at 1st, when Gigi ask him for helps to help her on pretend as chaser of her to let her husbandfeel nervous on tis and will care her more.. and the way Wong He say on how she love Gigi..i really tot tat,he admier Gigi...

Due to Gigi's husband having problem on financial, so she sold out the jewellery that the dad have her..and beingnotice by the mum and dad and even the mum know that, Gigi is back from oversea and is trying to seek helps from2 sis for money to help the husband, but pity Gigi she don't know that, her husband is having another affair behind withanother girl..

And, the mum LSK, i will feel, she did not really bother hows the daughter feels and just do , wat she feel is correctand by hurting Gigi, she voice out everything abt Gigi's husband affair and cause, the 2 of them no more turning point,only break up and cry so sadly of Gigi.. this cause Maggie, i feel, she must be, don't really accept what her mum doneand voice out to mum saying she have done the wrong way of settle Gigi's marriage.. and cause end up..Gigi feel more sad and run away.. but, ending of episode 1, is quite touching, cos no matter how bad the relationshipin between sisters.. but they still love each other.