Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moment of Patrick & Selena ( HK Disneyland Wedding Moment )

Just Love II 老婆大人II

Moments of Patrick and Selena in Just Love II, actually not much, i guess so,i just watch until episode 5, so while come to episode 4, wow.. i love the scene whenthey held their wedding ceremony at H.K. Disneyland , wow.. so beautiful scene..with all the fire works, and all the cartoons character... Mickey and Minnie, Alvin and ChipmunksDolphy , Donald Duck, Cinderella, Snow White & Seven Drats , Beauty And The Beast... wow...OMG, cos, i m Disney Cartoon's fans.. i love all those cartoon's character...I've been HK Disneyland last year Christmas.. and i did see all those infront of me..so, while watch this episode, wow... its just re-call back all the memory of me during my stay at Disneyland lasy yr.... haha..And feel, the wedding scene of Patrick and Selena in Disneyland is so beautiful,sweet and romance... haha.. so, just come out of my mind to done somescreen captures of their wedding moment in Disneyland lo...Hope so, u all love it

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Episode 82)Ending

Episode 82 -

Yeah, at last, ending la.. , so, Will still thinking to win and insult Kalvin,but Kalvin , did wake up from all his mistakes.. and even tell him not to do all these ...
Another side , while Sylvia thinking not to help kalvin anymore and will tellthe police wat happen around.. and Kalvin, think to surrendered top .. touched Sylvia, cryand hug Kalvin..
another side, Jessica actually arrange ppl to kidnapped Constance, due to she holding her evidence andstop her to againts Terence and its really scary, that moment Constance is phone chat with Terence..andthe van jus pass by Constance due to Jessica stopped al the plan to Constance...
So, come to the end... Will heart still got Elise, so, he plan to find her at America ..
Then, Jessica did met up wif Woh.. OMG .. so sad.. Woh get blind, due to being beat by Martin earlier... and plus, his eyes, is getting bad condition and he stilhelps Jessica to do jewellery.., end up, he is blind... Jessica feel so sad and so sorry for him...
NExt side, Kalvin wil send to jail, he admit all bad, is done by him..and he did tell Sunny, although Sunny is in coma and, Sunny is sad... although he is in coma, but he stil know and his tears drop... oh.. so sad
Another side, to Sylvia, kalvin wil send to jail and he stil love sylvia alot..so, he requested her to wait for him... and both hug so sweetly
Another paired.. Terence and COnstance, again due to ring tat Constance wearing " Hang Fuk Ji wan "and they met at the road side.. and Terence help her to get back the ring that dropped intodrain... and after successfully get it back.. they both hug tight , i m sure, they wil get back together..
So, coem to the end.. tis is weird... earlier while JEssica dream of Martin..she wil get nervous or scare , but come to the end few episode, she start tolove to think and dream of Martin... wonder wat's its going to tell me abt this ?so, come to end, Martin's died is how ? Jessica purposely don't want call ambulance or wat?/ no 1 know...
so, ending, i tot mum will died. but no... ending is 3 dauhters get back together..with mum and dad..
really alot of Q in my mind .... how come ending be come like tis ?wats happenin ? GOD... its make me think of, wasting my time to watch this series...while the ending is tis... haiz......