Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 7 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 7 ( Spoiler )

Episode 7, Guo ( Kevin ) and SamHo ( Charmaine ) have deep feelings to each
Other, just tat they did not mentioned.

To Kwong Wong ( Moses ) he stil act stupid and stubborn and another side learn kung fu from Guo, infront of everyone he stil act stubborn and the Emperor really think Kwong Wong is stupid and always bullied him , but it’s also lead Kwong Wong and Guo as best friends

To Kam Ling ( Tavia ) she always being bullied and tis time the due to the head always bullied her and tis time, she use the tricks to get her back until she being punish for transfer to another side for doing hard work , and being know by Sam Ho, she so sad and Kam Ling so scare Sam Ho forever hate her, kept on say sorry and explain why she do all this.

And tis day 1 of the poor wife of Emperor tat have chance to meet Emperor , so she asked Kam Ling and Sam Ho area to done her nice cloths and jewelleries.. and being notice by the 1st wife, and get all from her and Sam Ho think to helps her, do a nice wif glory in nite pearl hair jewelleries and being notice by Emperor and now she from no 1 know and now, b come “ Guai Fei “ and she so thanksful to Sam Ho and Kam Ling..

And Kam Ling think , after the earlier head being kick away, she can get the place, but too bad, due to the jewel done by Sam Ho and Emperor’s Mum say the empty position wil be replace by Sam Ho, and Kam Ling so sad.

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 6 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 5 ( Spoiler )

Episode 6, whole episode abt the sisterhood of the area for the
4 dept, Jewelleries, Dress up, Meal and Decoration.

Suzanna ( Yuen ) and Michelle Yim ( Zhon ) being tricks by
Emperor’s mum maids and almost got into die, luckly Sam Ho ( Charmaine ) and Kam Ling ( Tavia ) as well as Guo ( Kevin ) and Kwong Wong (Moses ) get the real person out and saved the whole dept of them..

But pity Kam Ling, being torture again , almost get needled the lips
Luckly act stubborn of Kwong Wong but clever of him saved Kam Ling

Ending part of the episode is so touching, lead me almost tears drop..

Not to write too much due to SPOILER, by seeing screen captures, guess know wats happening. I do enjoy so much to this episode and enjoy seeing Moses the feel of Duk Duk Dei …. Being stubborn and as like stupid, make me think of Duk Duk Dei

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 5 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 5 ( Spoiler )

This episode, is the meet of Tavia and Moses, and also start to build up
Relationship of Charmaine and Kevin Cheng

So, due to the Emperor’s helpers want to gain trust from emperor, think
A lot way to side Emperor and even think to kil the japan player and due to
Sam Ho ( Charmaine ) dun listen to him, he think of killer her, luckly,
Kwong Wong ( moses ) is there to save her… and also happy for Guo ( Kevin Cheng ) win the contest too.

And this day , 1st time Kwong Wong meet Kam Ling and also the bad luck of Kam Ling ( Tavia ) cos, Kam Ling just simply make jokes as Kwong Wong to married her and being listen by emperor maid’s listen and due to Emperor’ mum wan to make Kwong Wong mum feel embrasse, she ask ppl around and tel everyone of this matter and cause KamLing need to being slap by Yuen Si Zan ( Suzanna ) , pity Kam Ling

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 4 ( Spoiler )

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 4 ( Spoiler )

The meet of Guo ( Kevin Cheng ) and Sam Ho ( Charmaine )

And due to Guo is the popular guy in the palace, all the girls around,
All girl just cant stop to close wif him.. but not Sam Ho and Kam Ling ( Tavia )

So, tis day Yin purpose put a wood onfloor to trap KamLing and Kam Ling acciently fall down and twisted the hand , and tis time June come and sound very good help her and say, if she got any idea on design new jewelleries, she can help to draw out, due to her hand injured and Kam Ling believe her.

The truth of why Kwong Wong ( Moses ) wil act stubborn when he small, is help from Suzanna (Yuen Si Zan ) and Kwong Wong and mum thanks Yuen so much.

Another side, due to the Emperor angry on loose a games to japan ppl, so he ask his followers to miss use Kwong Wong to killed the japan player, but at the moment, kwong wong of course wont go and do tat, and Sam Ho is around and give him a help, make Kwon Wong have more good impression to Sam Ho

So, abt Kam Ling hand injured , Yuen like the design so much and all the praise is to June and not Kam Ling, make Kam Ling so angry and sad.

Born Rich ~ Episode 4 (Spoiler)

Born Rich ~ Episode 4 (Spoiler)

I feel Born Rich is not as wat u expect that nice , but may b, due to
Just beginner ar, need to introduce every scene and every role plus,
The story line, so up to now..i dun feel Born Rich is tat nice, just ok, but
Beyond is taking my mood, everyday just so interesting and enjoy so much…

Any way, my screen capture to Born Rich wil kept on cont, just might bit less …

Come to this episode, Rene ( Anita Yuen ) fall to Gallen lo and problem comes be come
Worst when Nancy Sit saw Gallen lo in the bungalow area and have big splash on the son..

So, Gallen Lo ( Dai Sa Bou ) and Kenneth Ma ( Sai Sa Bo ) back to Sabah and Marcus ( Ray Lui ) wil settle down everything and ask him back again..

Another side, Angie ( Kenix Kwok ) appear and Nancy Sit dun wan give the bungalow to Gallen, so she ask Angie to help her and due to help her, Angie purposely say a lot hurt feelings words just to scare Mu JIe, and make her give up on until need put to court on tis case… but Marcus miss understand and think Connie ( Jamie ) say something hurt to Angie but after tat, Marcus know he is wrong.

This is quite funny of Rene and Gallen, Gallen kiss her when Rene unknown..haha