Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Similarity + Fun Fun Part 1

Similarity ~ Pony Tail ,
do felt they're cute with this image , Mandy Wong and Linda Chung ...

Similarity ~ Cooking Man
i always felt a man while cooking is most " man " and " yeng " lo..
as well Bosco , Moses and Ron do gave me this kind of feel ..

Similarity ~ wow... 6 pac
which pac more geng ?? hahah Kenny Wong or Him Law ??

Similarity ~ Mustaches
Moses , Bosco , Kevin Cheng and Ray Lam .. i actually felt Ray Lam
not really suit to have mustaches ... prefer him with clean clean Chok Look ..haha

Similarity ~ Cooking Ladies
Linda , Charmaine and Tavia also can cook ... too bad no chance to try ...!!

Fun Fun ~ dress
Linda white dress , Tavia black dress .. both look pretty

Similiarity ~ Embassdor
Fala , Linda, Selena and Tavia , embassdor of some healthy product...
love the adv pic ... " white "

Similiary ~ Short Hair
Nancy Wu, Tavia, Charmaine ... which look most nice wif Short hair ... >??

Fun Fun ~ Black and Red
Moses with black attire can mix with 2 different Fa Dan in Red ( Tavia and Fala )

Fun Fun ~ White Angel VS Black Evil
Fala look sweet with her white angel dress
Mandy look cool with her black evil dress

Above all pic just for fun .. suddenly feel boring and think to get something new
to my blog ... hope so u all love it !! feel free to comments !! thanks

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Which couple in The Hippocratic Crush - On Call 36小時 is your fav couple ??

Which couple in The Hippocratic Crush - On Call 36小時 is your fav couple ??

Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma ( Yu Zai and Yat Gin Tau )

Tavia Yeung and Him Law ( Yu Zai and Yeung Chung )

Him Law and Candy Chang ( Yeung Chung and Jing Jing )

Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong ( Mei Suet and Ben )

Kenneth Ma and Mandy Wong ( Yat Gin Tau and Mei Suet )

So above , which pairing is your fav pairing ..

to me , i would vote to Yu Zai and Yat Gin Tao !!

they're wonderful and great pairing for the 1st time i watch them

as on screen couple ... can't wait to watch them again as pairing in

The Three KIngdom !!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Congratulate Timmy Hung and Janet Chow

Congratulate Timmy Hung and Janet Chow

Today is their big day ... congratulate !!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daddy Good Deeds - 當旺爸爸 Posters

Daddy Good Deeds - 當旺爸爸 Posters

Cast: Ha Yu, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu, Chris Lai, Edwin Siu, Cilla Lok

Episode ~ 20