Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Ber+Mo ( Bernice + Moses )

Sweet Bernice & Moses , photos from All Abt Moses Blog,
So sweet seeing them taking photos together :)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 22 (Spoiler)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》
Episode 22

Rex ( Kevin Cheng ) get the help from his last time head, and from there,
They now can cont play the sport in fire-office on working hour, and cause Pang sir so angry on Rex,

To Encore ( Bosco Wong ) and Easy ( Aimee ), Easy stil angry on Encore, think tat the baby is not his and she even lie Encore tat she don’t want the baby.

So, Rex sis going well wif Pang Sir , and Pang Sir know she is Rex sis, but he asked her not to let Rex know, feel like Pang Sir is not really a good and responsible guy on abt relationship.

So this day, while Encore and Rex met in the building tat on fire and bad luck of them, being tie up and lock in the room of the neighbour , and they even fire up the unit , and cause Encore , Rex and Easy need clim window to escape, and due to fire is on , and Rex trying to saved Encore and Easy and they hang in middle of the building and Easy, feel wanna die and ask Encore to release her hand, so, tat they all 3 wont drop from building together and end up, Encore voice out, he loves her, no matter how, he wil married Easy, Easy so touched and luckly end up they 3 is saved, and Encore also notice tat baby stil there and faster get Easy to medical check up.

So, now although they think to married, but to passed the Encore’s mum side is hard, but it’s funny tat, Encore’s mum accepted Easy and hope tat, Encore will settle down due to going to be ppl dad and husband.

To Rex sis side, Rex know his sis going wel wif Pang Sir, and at the same time, Rex listen the conversation in between Pang and someone sweetly, and this cause Rex worried of his sis might being lie by ppl.

But too bad, b4 Rex told sis this matter, Pang lie to her saying he got a wife and his wife is going to die due to sick and also they soon divorce, but all tis is lie from Pang to Rex sis.

At last , Encore and Easy held their wedding ceremony at fire-station and happily married , so after the ceremony and Ying ( Myolie ) listen the conversation of Rex sis with Pang tat they going to BBQ at another area, Rex is worried his sis and luckly, he did ask someone to check on Pang ‘s life and he sms the photos of Pang’s wife to sis and
Tell out the truth of Pang ‘s wife is actually a rich lady and they never think to divorce,
mean Pang just play a fool to Rex sis, cause she so sad.

So, while Rex and Ying happy together, suddenly get the phone from hospital tat Chung ( Wong He ) in critical moment, cause they 2 so worried.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tavia + Ron

On the celebration of Ron & Tavia Birthday year 2009,

" Happy Birthday Ron & Tavia "

Monday, August 24, 2009