Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moments of Ron & Elanne in Emergency Unit 學警狙擊

Moments of Ron & Elanne in Emergency Unit 學警狙擊
Part 3 ( end ) Screencapture of 吳卓羲 Ron Ng & 江若琳 Elanne Kong in EU

Come to this part, abit sad, due to its come to end, and so screencapture for Ron and Elanne, need to stop by here lo..hope so, in future, there will be pairing of Ron and Elanne again..or, hope so, there is Part 4 of EU , and the paired of Ron, still e same.. is Elanne..cos, from The Academy until now Emergency Unit, Chung Lap Mun role, kept on changed, ( Tavia, Joey ) and now Elanne, ending also break up..really wish so, Part 4, i will wish so, is Elanne...
So, come to the this 10 episode of Ah Mun and Yao Yao, sad moments is more then happy moments for both of them...

So, at last, Yao Yao no need to wait up to 10 yrs...and they started their relationship by under the sweet moments of 2 of them to get together...
And actually i will think, is it due to Laughing die, Mun wil wont care of others even love, he also canuse it just as wat Laughing did , end up, nowMun also same as Laughing, due to want to catch Hao,so, used Yao Yao, just to get close to Hao..

But, i think so, its not fully this, no matter howMun did love Yao Yao..
So, happy moment wont come for long, the sad moments come..Yao Yao found out Mun is the undercover, and she is really sad.1 is dad, another is someone she love so much.. so, she need to do,something to avoid, any one them get hurt, so she think to marriedwith Mun and get away from the place..but when Mun ignore..Yao Yao so sad, and even voice out she know, he is undercover..and end up, they need to break up..

But due to Sam Jie's died, Yao Yao need to admit that his dadreally terrible and need to sended to jail, and he did not toldher dad abt Mun is undercover and end up, dad sended to jail..
So, come to the end, 2 of them, cant get back as usual lo..they both end by Yao Yao give Mun a book of her, and i really wish so, if there is part 4, i wish so,Chung Lap Mun will have a happy ending with the girl in the series..and hope so, its Elanne to cont in the Part 4 of this series..
To me, personally, whole series of EU, the most attract me, beside Laughing role , Mun and Yao Yao relationship did made a pretty and sweet pairing..starting b4, watch this series,i never put high hopes on any pairing, i just take itas normal series and watch..and never think Elanne can act tat well..but, after watch few episode, wow.. Elanne is great and ROn didimprove alot in her shotting, have a big change of him pluspaired with Elanne, did done the role goes well and great..So, wish so, i can watch this pairing again soon in other series..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scoop 20090325 Hong Kong International Film & TV Market FILMART

Press Conference for the 2 BIG series of 2009

1) Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Cast : Moses, Kevin , Charmaine, Tavia, Suzanna, Michelle Yim

2) The Root of Evil

Cast : Gallen Lo, Jamie Chik, Kenix Kwok, Ray Lui, Joe Ma

Monday, March 23, 2009

Moments of Ron & Elanne in Emergency Unit 學警狙擊

Part 2 of Ron and Elanne in Emergency Unit 學警狙擊
吳卓羲 Ron Ng & 江若琳 Elanne Kong

Come to the next 10 episode of Ron and Elanne ( Chung Lap Mun and Yao Yao )its still the same, interesting and romanctic.
But, while watching the first 11 to 15 episode, wonder is it Ah Mun,he dun dare to love Yao Yao due to he is an undercover or he actually don't love her.??But, when Yao Yao is in un happy or down moment, Mun wil kept on help herand giving her lots of encouragement on Yao Yao's blog as ' Lucky Prince 'And at first, Yao Yao thoght ' Lucky Prince ' is not Ah Mun, so, in her mind,already take Lucky Prince as another guy which , she feel is very important to her..And happen , she know Mun stil love her alot, she do alot of thing on pushing Mun to at least accept her as friends.. and at the end, they're friend back andthey just act as normal , have no any special relationship in between, but both heart have each others. Yao Yao wish so , 1 day can make Mun touched and accept her..But Mun, hide all her feeling inside, due to he don't want to use Yao Yao onher job.But, sometimes, human is easyly being touched, and Yao Yao did done alot oftouching thing for him and even wont cares on how Mun treat her.. and she evenwilling to wait Mun's career success , only started with her.. she willing to wait..even wait 10 yrs also ok..and this really touching, at the end, Mun accepted her..
So, sweet of the moments of Ron and Elanne in EU... i really don't wish to see,they have no happy ending lo.