Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 26 ( Spoiler)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》
Episode 26

So, Chung ( Wong He ) already accept the reality, he need to work hard and trained hard to life w/o a leg in future life, so he try very hard and use to it. Ying ( Myolie ) do feel happy for he wake up from sadness again. And he try to interview to get a job, but so hard, so, Ying ‘s help him and being notice by him, so, he find Ying and thanks and tell her tat he wont angry her and Rex ( Kevin )

And Ying told this to Rex, Rex is so happy, another side, Rex might need to be transfer to another dept due to the buy lottery during office hour of his staff, and he dun really care abt tis. He just care abt Chung’s future. So end up, he really need to transfer to another dept, and some others also same as him wil transfer to different dept, and Encore ( Bosco Wong ) is still under there , but he dun feel happy to work under Pang’s

So, this day while Encore accompany Easy ( Aimee ) for medical check up, and suddenly the building on little fire and Encore just pass his wife to a nurse and he rush to help to settle the fire and did not care the wife and while rushing out of building, his wife being push by pass byer, cause Easy stomach pain, and Encore so worried..

Later on,while back home beingh scold by mum and Sunday Gor ( Grand-pa ) and he promise he wil never leave his wife alone and wil by her side, when Easy deliver baby.

So, this day, while the last day of Rex in this fire-station and they get a very serious building on fire’s job , and another side, while Easy and Rex sis on shopping, they being hit by a old signage that dropped and hit Rex sis until fainted and Easy get stomach pain and tat moment Encore and Rex know this news, but they cant do anything , cos they on the way to save a building on serious fire, but they 2 is so worried abt the sis and wife.

So, luckly Ying’s brother reach on time to saved Rex sis and Easy and Easy might need to deliver now, so they inform Encore abt Easy need deliver baby soon, but he is on duty, so he and Rex still do their job although their family’s is in critical moment another side, and they both is almost get into trouble during put our fire, luckly end up, just minor injured and they both quickly rush to hospital to see the sis and wife.

So, while reach, Rex sis is sad and cry due to she got a hurt on the neck..

To, Easy, Encore is worried, cos Easy need to deliver baby now and might in critical moment, cos she have high blood pressure. Cause Encore so scare and worried.

Monday, September 28, 2009

In the Chamber of Bliss - 蔡鍔與小鳳仙 Opening Scene

In the Chamber of Bliss - 蔡鍔與小鳳仙 Opening Scene
So sorry for so delay, due to quite busy these few weeks and
plus, not feeling last 2 weeks, cause me, no mood to do all these , and
now my heath and mood is back, so wil make it as soon as possible, to
finish all the delay screen captures, esp Screen on Burning Flames III episodes.
So, here is opening scene of In The Chamber Of Bliss,
still not yet started watch the series yet, but sound interesting to me, due to
Damain Lau, but dun too love Toby , hope so, she wont dissapoint me la...
and Kenneth Ma is here too... sound 1st time watch him colaps wif Toby and also Damain.
to Kathy, er.. after watch her in EU, she dun give me any surprise, hope so she will be
more great in this series

Monday, September 21, 2009

Heaven and Earth Costume Fitting

Heaven and Earth Costume Fitting
Cast :
Moses Chan
Bowie Lam
Charmaine Sheh
Kenny Wong
Maggie Siu and others...
I just cant wait for this series to aired, cos been watch many times
the vidoe clip through astro on demand, and sound very interesting
series , actually at 1st Cheong Ka Fa is part of the role, but don't know
why he did not take part, any way, i guess so, will be another interesting
series bring out by TVB and them again, esp , there is Moses and Bowie colaps
again, sure very interesting

Friday, September 18, 2009

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 25

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》
Episode 25

So, at last Chung ( Wong He ) lost 1 of the leg, he is so sad, and he dun want meet anyone, even Encore ( Bosco ) , and I feel quite stupid, still Ying ( Myolie ) go and advise him, dun they know, he most dun wan to meet is her “ Ying “ lo.. no matter how, he come to this situation, partly also due to her.

But luckly, there is another girl appear, as Chung’s nurse, who care Chung so much.

So, due to the case of firemen working hour brought lottery, and being report all in magazine, and now Rex ( Kevin Cheng ) might being warn my upper head and Pang is using this to try to kick Rex to another dept.

This day, after Chung training , Ying want to meet him, but he dun wan, cos he feel sad , but he meet Encore infront of lift, and end up, he being console by Encore and listen to Encore advise.

And after his accident, due to his leg stil in bad condition and he drive, he cant claim any insurance, and now he feel so regret for earlier why chase and cause come to this end, lost a leg and now he own a lot of money on hospital fees and also house hold matter.

So, Encore seek advise from his mum see and help, and funny , while the mum ask where is his wife Easy, he don’t know, and he quickly go find her and I like tis cut and funny couple.

This day, pity Rex sis, 1st day at job work as promoter, and she meet Pang, and being insult and also played by her and cause her loose her job again, but luckly back, hse got Rex to cheer her up.

And TVB is just too promote Kevin Cheng, Rex try to meet the head officer, is not to explain abt the lottery matter, is to ask can they let Chung work as admin in fire-office.

This day, Chung actually stil angry Rex, and so while he know abt Rex did have a joined account wif his dad, he is so angry, and he scolded the dad, but he feel guilty too, cos the next day, the dad did cancel the account wif Rex and Chung feel sorry to his dad too.