Friday, July 30, 2010



Beauty Knows No Pain - 女人最痛 Opening Scene (Part 2)

Opening Scene part 2 of Beauty Knows No Pain,
I've watch until episode 3, wow i love it, i like Maggie so much,
she is cool in the series, even her name too " Jackie " i like her so much..
Joyce is cute and funny in the series with big chest size.
Michelle Yim no more villian,
Looking forward to watch more..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

摘星之旅 ~ Growing Through Life ( Coming Soon )

Growing Through Life ( Coming Soon ~ aired 9th August 2010 ,

replacing A Pillow Case Of Mystery II )
Cant wait to watch this series, cos it's sound so interesting to me,
there is Domain Lau , Bosco and Raymond Lam,
wow.. big cast in the series and 1st time Bosco paired with Toby,
wow ... new to me...
While saw all the photos, lead me to think of the series , will it be
similar to Drive Of Life and Born Rich ? hope so, there will be
something new from the series ... !