Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grace Under Fire - 女拳 ~ Epi 16 to Epi 20 ( spoiler )

Grace Under Fire - 女拳 ~ Epi 16 to Epi 20 ( spoiler )

Come to these 5 episode, it's so sad to see Ah Sui @ Kenneth Ma, he
really love Ah Fa @ Fala Chen alot , even take away his life, he won't care
just to save Ah Fa from ill , but too bad, he notice Ah Fa only
love Ah loong @ Bosco Wong , and too bad, Ah Loong only love
Ah Lan @ Liu Xuan and Ah Lan only love Master Wong,
hahahah sound funny lo... any way, this 5 episode,

Ah Sui from very down and kept on being beat ,he need to change,
try his best to climb as high position as he wish and 1st is
he be come learner from Master Lui @ Dominic Lam , Ah Loong dad,
and getting villian...

Next Ah Fa know Ah Loong love Ah Lan, so Ah Fa done alot
not to let them together, pursuit Ah Fa to propose to
Master Wong and end up, Ah Loong sad of loose Ah Lan and
also rejected Ah Fa...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! - 點解阿Sir係阿Sir ~ Opening Scene

Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! - 點解阿Sir係阿Sir ~ Opening Scene

Cast : Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung , Ron Ng and others..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 26 to Epi 30 ( Ending Spoiler )

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 26 to Epi 30 ( Ending Spoiler )

Come to the ending, feel abit up set , before up set scene,
it's a traditional and great indian wedding of Ah Man's friends..
and the traditional is funny, ladies to bare all wedding fees.. wow..
indian man is lucky, but indian lady is poor... any way the wedding look
grand and beautiful.

Next, is Kaka @ Elaine Yiu and King @ Chris Lai marriage,
Kaka is a perfect idea lady, what ever thing she want perfect,
so due to 09/09/2009 , is a good date, she think of want to held her
wedding on that day and beside also re-start her and King with
Only You boss as partner ship to open a bridal house named " Only You and Me "
and also with Ah Man, but Ah Man secretly join in Summer part,
w/o Summer notice...

And King is stress of need too much money for both , cause them quarrel and
at the end, King's also successfully propose and Kaka agreed to married him..

Beside that, Tim JIe's daughter met her dad again and know that the parent
marriage got problem is not due to the dad got another wife , is due to Tim Jie
and husband got problem on married and Natalie start to forgive the dad but
Tim Jie still angry , and even angry Natalie for forgive the dad..

But end up, after Tim Jie know the truth, the divorce with the husband, and
help him to held his another wedding ceremony to fulfill their dream..

So , due to everytime Only You And Me meeting , Ah Man will ask SUmmer join,
even the bridal house still want to hang Summer bridal photos, cause
King angry and end up Summer know abt Ah Man join him in, cause them
quarell and also Summer will fly to another country to feel their life,
and they break up...

So, due to need to need to find alot of money for wedding and new business,
King need to work alot of part time and no enough sleep and caught in accident,
Kaka saw it so sad and agreed to not so calculative on their wedding and
they had a very sweet wedding photos taking , but just after a happy and
sweet moments of wedding photos shotting, they both need to leave the world
together due to a drunk guy simply drive the car and hit on them..
oh my god, what a sad scene and shocking scene, i cry sadly ... everyone so
sad of Kaka and King pass away.. and this lead to Summer and Ah Man
get back together.. and the series end with Happy Ending all together..
just that Kaka and King together in another world.