Saturday, December 19, 2015

TVB Fa Dan & Siu Sang 2015

Like Tavia dress ... fully black with lace

Like the colour of Grace dress.. not bad..

My most fav. shining grey of Nancy Wu

 Like this combination of Selena Li

 Black is always cool and elegant ~ Priscillia Wong

This year no more show off long leg of Sharon Chan with white long tail dress..

Wow.. i like this.. she carry this dress so well Mandy Wong

Wai Ko look elegant with flower .. tis the trend of flower flower

Wow.. first time ever sexy of Natalie Tong .. nice :)

Not bad.. great shape but not enough tall. ~ Cilla Lok

I think so alot ppl criticize her dress... i still like her last year princess look. Linda Chung

Elegant Elaine Yiu

Flower in white , look sweet on Kathy Kung

Not bad

Like Eliza Sum shining gold :)

Not bad la..

 Ok ok

 the ugly 1 .. dont like her dress ~ Choi Si Pui

She always look elegant with any dress.. may be due to her height and great body figure ~ Ko Ling

Sweet colour


TVB Fa Dan & Siu Sang 2015

Touching Moment On Presentation Award 2015

Touching Moment On Presentation Award 2015