Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moment of Linda & Steven in A Watchdog's Tale (Spoiler)

Moment of Linda & Steven in A Watchdog's Tale
Episode 8 to episode 12
I really enjoy watching Steven and Linda in A Watchdog's Tale,
they both look cute and sweet together,

From starting they both always quarrel and fight with each other and
suddenly Steven always dream of Linda as an angel and he start to have
good feelings towards Linda, so cute... haha..
Plus, from a don't love animal Steven , and he start to love and
care animal , esp his adopted pet Ah Wong, haha... cute cute cute..
I enjoy the every scene when Steven and Linda together, esp the
scene when they started their first date, Steven want to hold Linda hand..
but kept on make the mistakes... it's just so funny... haha..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Steven Ma ( Yan Zi Toh ) & Linda Chung ( Chek Lap Kok )

Now watching A Watchdog's Tale, i really love this pairing,
Linda and Steven, they really look sweet together...
So, make me feel wanna done some art work on they both..
sweet photos of they both... ^_^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Season of Fate - 五味人生 opening scene

The Season of Fate - 五味人生 opening scene
Cast : Roger Kwok,
Derek Kwok,
Esther Kwan,
Michelle Yim,
Vivien Yeo and others...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wine Confidential - 尋味葡萄-01

Wine Confidential - 尋味葡萄-01
OMG, when i 1st come to watch Bosco in Wine Confidential,
i almost fainted, cos, he is so hot and handsome in the show..
Love to see how he hold the wine glass,
the way he smell the wine.. lol..pro
I don't know much abt wine, but after watch this show,
i know more ...