Friday, July 31, 2009

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 12(Spoiler)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》
Episode 12

Cont from last episode, the fire on building is getting series,
Rex ( Kevin Cheng ) & Chung ( Wong He ) 2 team will need to save the ppl and
Fire on building, and Ying ( Myolie ) , Chung’s dad and Rex family abit worred abt them in the building, so they all rush to the building to see wat happening and actually Ying look for Chung but she met Rex ,and cause Chung feel that Ying wanna break wif him, the 3rd party is Rex,

So, while the fire getting series and they need to save a little girl that trap in
the building, and they 3 , seen get into critical moment cos kept on explose and
the head of them and all their firemen staff is worried abt they 2 in the building with the little girl, and they listen from walkie talkie that they 2 quarrel abt Chung & Ying, and being listen by Ying …

And end up, Rex being saved and they stil searching for Chung and found out Chung got serious injured and quickly sent to hospital and on the way, suddenly traffic got problems and Ying’s brother , as a pro safety-man quickly give fully help and wish to saved Chung and after sent to hospital end up, Chung got into coma, cause everyone so sad,
Esp, Ying, she kept on repeat and repeat listen back the voice mail left by Chung for her.

Rex is so sad and sound like he hide something behind while 3 of them in the building,
So, now need to know the truth is wait Chung wake up of ask the little girl.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bosco Wong Advertisement Photos

Bosco Wong in advertisement photos,
i just feel like fainted when i saw Bosco different reaction,
he is so cute , funny and charming lo...

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 11 (Spoiler)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》
Episode 11

Due to quarrel wif Ying ( Myolie ) and Chung ( Wong He )quite sad and moody , and he introduce Encore ( Bosco ) to his dad and brother , and seen like Encore and Chung is quite a great pair on work, and Encore is so hard working as a firemen.

And Encore, happen wish to get training to be the firemen which,
can check fire place with a dog , and Chung did help him and at last,
Encore success get the permit to trained at oversea, so this day,Encore hse held a party to celebrate this and Encore did
create chances for Si Fu Chung to re-build the relationship wif Ying again.

But Chung abit too sensitive, at 1st he think everything wil back to normal with Ying, but he find out that, Rex (Kevin Cheng ) know Ying earlier then him, and he think of
Rex might is the 3rd party in between them.

So, Chung is afraid Ying wil leave her, he brought a piano for her and in-order, seen like wan to married with her and to let Ying always by his side, and this cause, Ying,
Quite scare, due to she found out, her life with Chung is quite different. And she seek advise from grand-ma, and grand-ma advise her to do what she wish and she wil happy after doing it.

Chung is quite care and good friend with Encore, this day Encore need to depart to
oversea, and he did brought him a gift and fetch him to air port.

So sad, tis day, Ying’s brother did date grand-ma and wil met Ying later on, and grand-ma think of buy Ying a piano too and while at the road, Ying’s brother busy on phone did not notice grand-ma and grand-ma got hit by a car and the team to come for help is Rex and b4 grand-ma pass away, she did pass some message to Rex and ask Rex to passed to Ying, and while Ying reach the area, notice grand-ma got accident, so worried.

And end up, grand-ma died and Ying so sad, and Rex told Ying abt wat grand-ma
Asked to told to her by Rex and at the moment, Chung pass by and notice Rex tell Ying something and then after few days, while grand-ma funeral matter is done,
Ying make up a mind to break up with Chung and cause Chung so angry and think of
The 1 who cause them break-up is Rex, and think Rex is the 3rd party.

So, this day while Chung is so sad on Ying don’t wan answer his call and
He leave phone voice mail to Ying and it happen there is a serious building on fire and need both Chung and Rex team to help on put away the fire.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 10 (Spoiler)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3
Episode 10,

Due to episode 9, Ying (Myolie) quarrel with Chung ( Wong He ) , abt learning piano thing, so, Ying feel angry to Chung and avoid to meet him, but Chung is really kind of
caring bf, he did find others piano tutor for her, cause Ying bit touched on this.
Then, when Ying feel like bit touched, but he did accidently tell grand-ma abt,
Ying learn piano until hand pain, and cause they quarrel again.

So,next, due to Encore’s ( Bosco Wong )dog Kapun lost, so he is trying to find back, and met Easy ( Aimee Chan ) and Easy , feel bad for lost Encore’s dog, so think of help him to find back, and they happen met a lier , they guy wanna lie Encore for he found his dog and ask him pay, but Encore don’t believe, and luckly he did not pay, coz it’s not his dog, Kapun, but due to they fight , and cause the dog too scare and run to the roof, and Encore saved the dog, but Easy run to catch the thief, after tat they 2 quarrel again for Encore scold Easy for did not care of animal life and just run away.

Pity Chung, due to quarrel wif Ying and met Encore and also Rex (Kevin Cheng), and Rex did advise him not to give too pressure feel to Ying on being a couple.

Another side, sound like Rex and Kristy going quite well, and when they going quite well,
Suddenly happen 1 day, Kristy bring Rex to met her ex tat going to married, and Rex found out, Kristy actually stil love her ex so much, and end up Rex and Kristy break up.

And another side, Ying & Chung re-build their relationship back.

But not for long, Chung too sensitive , he always feel piano is some kind of un worth thing to do, so when know Ying off work for 1 month due to concentrate on piano, and this thing Rex know, and he don’t know, cause Chung so angry and quarrel again , and even scold Rex.