Sunday, February 26, 2012

L'Escargot 缺宅男女 Opening

L'Escargot 缺宅男女 Opening

I'ts quite an interesting series, but sometimes abit boring ...
esp don't really can accept watch JJ ... similar to listen King Kong talk..
quite difficult .. any way, love to watch Him Law and Yoyo Chen 's pairing, they're
cute and sweet ...

Others Linda crying scene .. sometimes feel quite bored of watch her always
cry in series, i rather watch her role as Ms Cool or in Twilight Investigation
" Leng Mou " .. cute and sweet

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Queens of Diamonds and Hearts - 東西宮略 ~ Posters

Queens of Diamonds and Hearts - 東西宮略

Cast: Roger Kwok, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Koni Lui, Yoyo Chen, Oscar Leung, Kitty Yuen

Airing : 27th February 2012

Episode : 25

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wish and Switch - 換樂無窮 Opening Scene

Wish and Switch - 換樂無窮 Opening Scene

A new and interesting series , actually love the story line much..

but don't really enjoy the ending ... over all it's quite a nice series ...

Should Watch !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush - On Call 36小時 ~ Posters

The Hippocratic Crush - On Call 36小時

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Derek Kwok, Paisley Wu, Raymond Cho, Benjamin Yuen, Candice Chiu, Marcus Kwok, Aurelien Wan

Waited for so long and beside wish to watch Tavia pair up with Kenneth Ma, there
is someone after watch him in Til Love Do Us Lie - 結•分@謊情式 , Benjamin Yuen ,
he do catch my attention, cos he done quite well in this sitcom ... so , gonna
put more attention on him in this series.. also to Mandy Wong, she is good in
" Kuan Yee So " .. let see will she done more better in this series !