Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gathering With Bosco on 30th Dec 2009

My happy moment with Bosco again appear,
Year 2009, i meet him's so lucky of me..
and this time, i got the chance to take pic with him..
Thanks for all the arrangement from Fans Club Community
And so happy to go with another 2 friends... i m sure they both is as happy as me ..

Hope so my 2 friends love the banner , ^_^

To me, i m so happy to meet Bosco again, he is so nice and friendly ....

Plus this time i do meet some HK fans of Bosco, Amy Ma is great,

and some others fans of Bosco such as Michael, Brian, Mei Foong and others....

Cant wait for the next meet with Bosco ^_^ look forward to tat day

Saturday, December 19, 2009

THE BEAUTY OF THE GAME - 美麗高解像 Opening scene

THE BEAUTY OF THE GAME - 美麗高解像 Opening scene
Cast : Christine Ng,
Sharon Chan,
Kate Tsui,
Chris Lai,
Wong Jo Lam and others...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

TVB 42th Gala Anniversary Show (Opening Moments)

Opening scene, the Fa Dan and Siu Sang started the show by
dress up these years hit series costumes..
Sheren Tang, Moses, Bowie dress up the series of War And Beauty Costumes.
Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Suzanna Kwan , Susan Tse, Michelle Yim dress up as
the series Beyond The Realm Of Conscience
Wayne Lai , Ron Ng dress up as the series Rosy Business,
Myolie Wu as Wars Of In Law I
Quite like the opening , cos can see different costumes agian..
and guessing wonder which series... is for..haha..