Wednesday, April 28, 2010

掌上明珠 -Sister of Pearl ~ Trailer

Final 2 episode of A Fistful Of Stances ( Warning Spoiler )

It's sad to see Kevin Cheng's master died , i never think of the ending, he will die,
any way, i do quite like the colaps of him and Angela Tong, and i do feel Angela Tong
quite suit her role, as bossy and firece wife.. haha..

Haha, the villian people will get what they deserve it, i guess he cannot stand or
fight any more, due to he had killed too much ppl, esp the dad .. all the bad have done by
the done and now come to his own son ( Man Guam )

I really cant believe , he wil treat like this to his own wife, ... any way, i guess
there is plan of him , ...
Oh, no .. no.. sad.. sad.. why again Ah Ngam ( Natalie TOng ) , being kidnapped ..
lol, sure using this to stop them from voice out all bad have done my Wen Tuck

But luckly, end up everyone who lost their family, stil stand out to
tell the truth to everyone.. i guess, this time Weng Tuck and the police friend cannot,
get away la... cos even the daughter ( Selena Li ) also tell out how his dad killed ppl.

I do feel this time, Kevin Cheng got a little improment on his shotting,
hope so, he will improve more ... but in A Fistful , i will feel Kenneth Ma
looks like the big brother then Kevin Cheng lo.. haha

Lol, Weng Tuck think that, create a story of send his wife to crazy ppl hospital and
can follow his plan well, end up, the wife really gone crazy, he is so so sad and never thought
the ending of his wife would be like this, every-man she met, she wil appolozige and say
i never think to kill you... lol.. so sad

Actually in this series, i just only love the pairing of Kenneth Ma and Selena Li,
to Kevin Cheng and Natalie Tong, their relationship scene not tat heavy,
but i do like Natalie as Ah Ngam, she hold the role so well..
I do wish the ending, they will find Ah Ngan and she end up with Kevin Cheng.

I guess so, when someone come to the end , and while he think back, sure he
will feel, whatever he done is wrong and , is good that, he awake from his mistakes
and Man Guan end up also know he is wrong and help Ah Tong and Ah Jiong to
get the news from his dad of where he kept Ah Ngan,
Although Man Guan regret , but the dad still feel he not yet loose, he wil win at the end

Yeah , Ah Ngam being found out and i m sure, ending is a happy ending for her,
can be with the 1 she love since the starting until now.
What Weng Tuck have done all these , he need to deserve it and end up, he hang up him self.
Man Guan need to send to jail .... luckly the 2 sis forgive him and stil care for him

I do love this series so much and i do love the ending as well..
Happy Ending is always what i love to watch from TVB and everything end up
pretty nice... i wont feel to have Part II will be nice... this ending is just nice..
eso Kenneth Ma and Selena Li, they pretty sweet and match, wish to watch them
together in a series again.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moment of Kenneth Ma & Selena Li in A Fistful Of Stances ( Part 2 )

Moment of Kenneth Ma and Selena Li in A Fistful Of Stances ( Part 2 ) Spoiler
Episode 19 & 20
This scene is abt Selena know abt the truth of her brother " Man Guan "
killed someone and she cannot accept, the brother is that evil and even
the parent lie to her..
So , she decide to suicide , luckly at her side there is Kenneth Ma ,
to save her and cheer her up and to help her.
Is sweet and touching to see them together.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moment of Selena Li & Kenneth Ma in " 鐵馬尋橋 A Fistful Of Stances "

Moment of Selena Li & Kenneth Ma in " 鐵馬尋橋 A Fistful Of Stances "
I really like this pairing, Kenneth & Selena, they look pretty match and sweet in
this series, any way, i just up to episode 18, wonder at the end will they
get together ? hope so, they wil end up together la..

Suspects In Love - 搜下留情 Opening Scene

Suspects In Love - 搜下留情 Opening Scene
Flora Chan re-turning back to TVB series, colaps with Joe Ma again,