Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Links To Temptation - 誘情轉駁 ~ Theme Songs MV

Links To Temptation Theme Song MV , by Fala Chen,
It's theme song for the series, while i 1st listen, feel abit

weird, not that the song no nice, but i feel the song

not so related to the series opening scene...

the opening scene of series is abit mysteries ... but song

seen romantic and smooth , i feel is more suitable for other series

then this....
Any way, doing this screen captures is due to ,
cos get some pic from Fala Blog and feel so cute of suddenly
appearance of Steven Ma in ancient costume ...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Troopers - 居家兵團

Home Troopers
Cast : Liza Wang, Ha Yu, Bernice Liu, Kevin Cheng ,
Angela Tong, Christine Kou, Timmy Hung, Raymond Cho, Vincent Wong,
Claire Yiu, Mandy Wong and others..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moment Of Fala & Steven In Links To Temptation - 誘情轉駁 ( Part 1 ) ( Spoiler )

Moment Of Fala & Steven in Link To Temptation !
It's really sweet and loving of Fala and Steven in Link To Temptation ,
just only 2 episode of the them in this series, already feel sweet and loving,
and every time the moment of them , sure the back ground music will
be Fireflies , it's so touching and lovely !
Will kept on cont post of their sweet screen in Link To Temptation .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Links To Temptation - 誘情轉駁 ~ Opening Scene

Links To Temptation - 誘情轉駁 ~ Opening Scene
Wow, is 1st time Fala as female lead in a series, wish so
she will done is best ! she and Steven is really
a sweet on screen couple... love to watch them,
i've watch 2 episode and i love the story up to now,
cos it's mysteries, still don't know what's happening
in between of Fala and Steven...
and the song of them is so sweet, everytime the
scene of Fala and Steven will come out a song " Fireflies "
( few years ago is sub theme of the series STEPS ~ Bernice and Steven Ma )
and now in this series is comes again ! so sweet !