Friday, February 26, 2010

Don Juan Demercado - 情人眼裏高一D ( Spoiler Episode 1 )

Don Juan Demercado - 情人眼裏高一D ( Spoiler Episode 1 )
Due to Bosco, sure i will watch this short Valentine's series la..
Any way, starting of the series, i wonder how Wong Jo Lam can make own self
be come so ugly, hehe... he make his eyes be come sleepy eyes and
purposely make the lips same as hot dog... haha.. funny, but it's pity,
a ugly person, no 1 believe what he say,even not he touched the lady
back side, also being blame is him, luckly he defence it...
And this time, due to also same matter happen to another girl and he
happen this girl belive him and they started relationship,
wonder as Wong Jo Lam look can have such pretty girl as gf...
But too bad, when he try to propose his love to the girl, he say the wrong
thing and cause Christine hate her and he again loose, and drunk..
and his doggie, bring him a basket of chocolate and after he ate it...
the next morning when he wake up... OMG, wow....
he change to another look, super handsome and super yeng Bosco Wong look ^_^

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moment of Tavia & Steven in Cupid Stupid ( Spoiler Epi 17 )

In Cupid Stupid, i will love pairing of SteVia more then MicVia lo..
so, just post moment of SteVia la... in episode 17, they 're cute and i love this
scene much..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don Juan Demercado - 情人眼裏高一D Opening Scene

Don Juan Demercado - 情人眼裏高一D Opening Scene
Actually i've finish watch this series during Chinese New Year, and
coming up , will be my screen capture .... like this series so much,
due to there is Bosco , haha.. and the story quite funny and cute ...
Love Bosco so much ^_^

Thursday, February 18, 2010

72 家租客過新年 TenantsSpecial Trailer 20100204

72家租客主題曲 (Mandarin Version)

Bosco Wong in 72 Tenants ( spoiler )

Bosco and Stephy is a paired in the movie, they 're cute and pretty sweet,
and do got touching moment, haha.. just love to watch Bosco alot, he is
just so so cool and hot, esp the introducing for him, so MJ look and also yeng

Beside colaps with Stephy, he do colaps with Aimee, and also Wong Jo Lam ,
and feel cute to see him stand beside Jo Lam, haha.. and plus now , i m watching
Don Juan De Mercado , so, sound like this yr, the starting of year Tiger is the
popularity for Bosco Wong and Wong Jo Lam, both Wong, guess so, this yr will be
very WONG lo.. haha

Suppose in 60s is ( Fala , Bosco and Wong Jo Lam ) (spoiler)

Suppose at 1st, Bosco is young for Jackie Cheong ,
Wong Jo Lam as young for Eric Tsang and
Fala Chen as young for Anita Yuen,
And b4 i watch the movie, i've seen all those photos, but
when i watch tat day, i don't know why, er... Eric Tsang young changes to Justin ,
then Jackie Cheong young changed to Raymond Lam, oh no... where is my Bosco..
Fala stil remain, as young of Anita Yuen, but too bad lo, Bosco changed to Raymond,
lol, i wish to see Bosco in 60s , but any way, is quite happy to see as
Eric's son, cos the scene of him more lo.. haha.. compare to be young of Jackie,
is more alot lo.haha.. so, just enjoy my movie la.. and stil post photos to here cos,
Bosco, Jo Lam and Fala is cute and funny in those pic ^_^