Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 - In Love With Bosco EP

I m so happy for Bosco release an EP, really wish so, he will release an album soon..
cos, feel that, he can sing quite well, and its happy too, i brought his album in Hong Kong lo.. haha... same wif Linda's album..

In Bosco album, there's 3 MV to see lo..hehe..
really fun and enjoyed to see his MV

P/S : NO copying, thank you.

02.Hey Boy

MV to watch :
02.Hey Boy

Linda Chung - 一人晚餐, 二人世界

I m so happy to brought her album when my visit to Hong Kong during Christmas, year 2008,
its a great and fun to visit Hong Kong during celebration, and its so happening over there,
plus cooling cooling.. and when my stay at there for 5 days, i never forget to get her Linda Chung and Bosco Wong album ... cos, feel like, brought their album in HK, its so good lo.. the feel is so different.. haha... i think so, everything is same , if i brought in Malaysia.. but its ok la..hehe..
So, below is scanned by me, of Linda's album cover page and post card from the album that i brought.

P/S : no copying , thank you .

01. 一人晚餐 Dinner For One
02. 二人世界 Lovers World
03. 我不懂你 I Don't Understand You
04. 火柴天堂 Matchstick Paradise
05. 過山車 Roller Coaster
06. 其實我不快樂 Actually I'm Unhappy
07. 浪漫無聲 Silent Romance
08. 有沒有她 Do You Have Her?
09. 你不懂我的心 (國語) You Don't Understand My Heart (Mandarin)
10. 我不快樂 (國語) I'm Unhappy (Mandarin)
MV to watch :
12 MV and plus some video of while Linda's on shotting for MVs
To my personal, i really love her album, all the songs is so nice ,
and can say tat , she sing quite well.. so, wish that, in future, she can release more
album of her own lo.. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 40

Screencapture of Episode 40 ( Contain Spoiler )

Happly Constance and Terrence, actually is ok.. but due to Terrence lost terrible inbusiness due to bet with Calvin, and he feel so sad.. but, luckly Constance give her lots of support and due to this, both of them get married.. Actually Aida is un happy, so,she did not attend the wedding, but she cant do anything, cos Constance & terrence definately will married.
Next is Will & Mellisa, he started worked with Mellisa, and seen like lots ofppl might think, Will may b, wil start relationship wif Mellisa, due to wannaget trust from Mellisa.

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 39

Screencapture of Episode 39 ( Contain Spoiler )

Another side, Catherine actually fall inlove to Calvin ( Bowie ) and Sylvia ( maggie )notice it.. and try to arrange opportunites for them.. but, Calvin did not loveCatherine, i think so, no matter how, Calvin heart still got sylvia.To sylvia, although she seperate with Calvin, but when she arrange opportunity for calvin wif Catherine, her heart will feel unhappy.

Next due to, Constance & Terrence had married and Sylvia is working wifCalvin, sometimes, might appear something regards to business and it started for the sisters to quarrel for their love 1.
Next, pity Zoey, just started relationship wif Sunny and end up, break.

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 38

Screencapture of Episode 38 ( Contain Spoiler )

Huh.. Elise really started her tricks due to win for the competition and evenslept over nite with Will.. ( God, Linda is really great on her shotting in Gem Of Life )and end up, Elise wil thought she wil win, cos really Will, try to make own self loss.just to let Elise to win, but Mellisa is not, end up, Will is the 1 who sign contract to Mellisa 's Company and by tis, Elise so angry.

But this Elise, due to loss.. she stil doing something behind to hurt Will ..cos, she know that, Will did fall inlove to her.. but, she is too playful.Any way, end up, they both seperate and Will wil work with Mellisa.

Another side, Sunny started relationship wif Joey, but i feel geli, cos..seeing Sunny hug his gf, but his mind is Calvin ( Bowie ) God...