Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 36

Screencapture of Episode 36 ( Contain Spoiler )

Starting of this episode, its so romantic, at last, Constance (gigi Lai) and Terrence(Moses) get together lothey started their relationship, but w/o notice by their family member yet..

Next Jessica ( Aida Choi ) and the mum ( Louise Lee ) enjoyed the moment of beinga rich women wif lots of opportunity to attend, those rich ppl sociaties.. esp, the mum.but the mum, feel that, the husband (David Qiong) still as a worker in Mr suen's jewelleries shop..and feel, wan the daughters to give a help on have own jewelleries shop ..but i think so, the dad wont easy accept..cos the dad is different from the mum.

At last, the news of Constance started the relationship wif Terrence being notice bythe mum and the mum dis-agreed.. but, Constance, she stand stil to her decision...and for now, Jessica, sound like agreed.. but i think so, her thinking is , Terrence isnot a married type man.. so, she might feel, they wont goes far...

Next , Will ( Bosco ) & Elise ( Linda Chung ) still on the games of winning the contract to work at Mellisa 's company..and the competitor now come to only Bosco and Linda..And to Linda, due to win, she wil do wat ever, just to WIN.. even againts the rules of the games..
And come to ending, is quite a shocked, Em Ma ( Louise Lee ) nearly get into the accident..really give her a big shocked and also me...

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