Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coming Up series for year 2010 from TVB

Forensic Heroes III

Wonder will it be nice w/ Bobby Au and Frankie Lam , as well Yoyo and Linda
i do wish Bobby and Frankie still in FH III


Waited for so long, i miss Wong Yat Wah so much..

Rosy Business II

Wow, sound more interesting then RB I, Nancy Wu sound villian

Twilight Investigation

Again to see Linda paired wif WongHe again, and wow...
some more Linda have a big try in this series

Growing Through Life

The most i cant wait to watch is tis series " Growing Through Life "
Bosco sound villian , and this time again Ray be son of Lau Chung Yan

The Legend of Pu SongLing

Interesting Legend story...

Quarantined 7Day Reunion

Here Comes The Princess

Beyond The Realm of Conscience part II, comedy version..
but too bad w/o Tavia

Wu Zon Monk

Guess so, is my 1st time to see Bosco in this role...

5 Tastes Of Love

Sound interesting story line series.


Anonymous said...

hey summer, i love your blog. you know, my friend opened a blog like this before and i hate it. your blog is almost the same like him's but the layout of your blog made me love it. keep up the good work.

Summer said...

anonymous ~ thanks.. thanks so much, and so sorry for no chat box for u to leave message to me, cos some ppl kept on send bad messages under my name... haiz.. luckly, there is friends as u, tat support my blog.. really thanks so much..

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see bosco as a monk :P

Summer said...

Jowings ~ yayaya.. me too.. never see Bosco in this kind of role b4, got 1 series, he gonna be villian, also make me feel interesting leh..haha..