Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sergeant Tabloid - 女警愛作戰

Title: Sergeant Tabloid 女警愛作戰
Total Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: TVB

Niki Chow
Michael Tse
Mandy Wong
Matthew Ko
Oceane Zhu
Koni Lui
Grace Wong
Benz Hui
Queenie Chu
Vincent Wong
Elaine Yiu
William Chak
Becky Lee

It's only " Oversea " aired .. HK wont airing this series ,
at HK , after Queens Of Diamonds And Hearts they will aired
The Greatness Of A Hero .. actually i wonder why only they aired this series??
it's been few years ago series ... and is a good series and now only they aired ???
Kind of weird ...

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