Wednesday, June 20, 2012

飛虎 Tiger Cubs ~ Posters

Tiger Cubs - 飛虎 (2012)
Cast: Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan, Him Law, Vincent Wong, Dominic Lam, Patrick Tang, Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, William Chak, Benjamin Yuen, Derek Kwok,
Savio Tsang, Calvin Chan, Kayi Cheung, Jason Lam, Wu Fung, Suet Nei, Angelina 

Guest Appearance: Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Elena Kong, Pierre Ngo, JJ Jia, Kenny Wong, Eileen Yeo

Aired : 24th June 2012 ( special weekend slot ) 

Episode : 13

I really surprise, why pnly 13 episode ?? how come ?? 
is it the airing hour long ? so the episode shorten or ..... it's only 13 episode..

I really got expectation to this series, cos too many handsome guy here ... hahaha

with their muscular body figure + the uniform .. cool :) 

Next , sound after The Drive Of Life, they seen did not come together

in a series , so miss this pairing :) 

Next , also can't wait to watch part of Kenneth Ma villian role... bald villian role, 

makes he look more yeng and more villian :) .. he is improving alot !!

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