Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bounty Lady ~ Epi 1 to Epi 10

Case 1
Judy , it's actually really touching story ,
not that fat and no body like ... Judy is fat, but she got a very good heart
and inner beauty , so it's sweet at the end, she found her love 1 ...

at last , she can pak tor , she got someone to loved , someone to care :)

Case 2 ,
Tomboy style , also can be loved , not mean that , act soft , act another
style and mean the man that you love will love you.. he only love the way you are..
so , no need change ur self , just be ur self :)

Case 3 ,
Mika S , i really love the last quote she talk to her sis ( Kate Tsui )
she want her real happiness , happiness not from money ,
married  rich man might have alot of things , but it's not true love and
further that rich man as " Ma Meng " thinking to play around only..
luckly there is Gong Nam Gor to help ...

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