Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Never Dance Alone - 女人俱樂部 ~ M Club

Never Dance Alone - 女人俱樂部 ~ M Club

It's really enjoy watching this series, first to those ladies , now as
ladies, last time they're all guys dream girls ..hahahaa.. esp
Rachel Lee , Gloria Yip , Carmen Lee , Fennie Yuen and Elvina Kong ..
although it been years did not watch them .. this year they're back on
screen .. wow.. they still wonderful as last time , just look kind of a bit old
compare to last time , i watched them ..

I know Carmen Lee from the series " Demi God and Semi Devils "

Know Rachel Lee from " Happy Ghost 1 , 2 & 3 and others movies
such as " Merry Christmas " pairing with Leslie Cheung ,
even till today, re watch , it still nice to watch :)

Know Flora Chan from Triumph In The Skie I ,
her role " Bell " is just wonderful , esp pairing with " Sam " but too bad.. at
then end, she is not with Captain Sam.

Know Fennie Yuen from " Happy Ghost 2 " ... she're cool :)

Know Elvina Kong from " TVB variaty show " if i not mistaken .

Know Gloria Yip from a movie with Jimmy Lin " Flying Dagger "

And finny know Angie Cheong from " Zhan Qing "

Really thanks Eric Tsang for this wonderful movies :)

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