Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TVB Anniversary Light 2014 - 創新經典TVB邁向48年 ( Performance )

TVB Anniversary Light 2014 - 創新經典TVB邁向48年 ( Performance )

Every year also look forward to TVB anniversary months , this year
lighting night really wonderful due to additional of a group of pretty ladies dance..

Linda the leading of the dance , coming up next Samantha Ko then come with
Mandy Wong ... next Eliza Sum then Selena Li .. and never forget Nancy Wu too..
i think so they're coming year TVB gonna highly promote to have more
fa dan for TVB as really alot fa dan leaving TVB .

Really love their performance this year :) great 1.. next look forward to the
Gala spectacular and anniversary awards night ..

Next also cant wait to watch the next anniversary series to be aired
" Trade Wars " it seen this time Ray Wong gonna be the evil role.. really look forward.

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