Thursday, November 20, 2014

TVB 48th Gala Spectacular Show 2014

Every year come to TVB anniversary month really alot of show to watch ..
beautiful fa dan with beautiful dress...

This year , the most i like will be Natalie blue pink dress , Samantha Ko blue dress and
Charmaine Sheh lace black dress... is really beautiful and look elegant , esp
Natalie Tong , wow.. really sexy .

Am surprise to see Koni Lui and Kate Tsui , they both look kind of gain weight from
those photos.. i wonder is due to the dress problem or they both really gain weight ...
they look kind of chubby esp Koni , but is ok , cos she just delivered baby but.. Kate
i wont is it due to her dress or others ,,

Overall that nite , everyone is pretty and handsome , Bosco attire is really special.

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