Friday, December 5, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 23

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 23

Next, Ah Woh notice the news of Siao Mei Jessica is with David ( Terrence Dad ) so sad lo..buthe really cant accept..due to the gap of age..but, what to do, Jessica like his money more then the person.

Next, the chance of Constance to meet Elise, she wil being transfer from as a sales girl at jewel shop to designer dept, due to her design being accept by the co and after she interviewwith Mr Suen, when she out from the co, she meet Elise car rasing with her frens at the road..andalmost accidenly hit Constance and even scold Constance.. and being seen by Derek..and after tat, Derek put on fire at Elise car..and being snap by the camera and know is Derek,Constance Ex-Gf..and cause Constance lots of trouble and at last Derek being caught by police.

NExt, the mad mood of Sylvia to Kalvin already over and she even notice tat, the girl tatget the beld back at his hse les... tats, mean the girl is not Kalvin another gf.

Another side, i love to watch Terrence and Constance at the cafe scene.. the view so both of them so match .. i love the environment alot.. wonder where is the place..

Next, the 3 sisters met the villian girl, Sylvia, Jessica and Constance meet Elise at a shoe shopand have a short quarrel in between.. haha.. Elise really villain on her role... she have done quite a great jobin GOL ..
And another side, the mum , know tat Jessica bf is Terrence dad David.. she really got a shocked.

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