Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 26

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 26
Screencaptures of Episode 26

Come to this episode, actually at 1st, i thought of Sunny ( Kenny ) like Sylvia ( Maggie ) but, he told Sylivia tat he like Kalvin ( Bowie ) so, i guess, it might be, he wan lie Sylvia.. but... also will feel, is it Sunny really like Kalvin, instead of Sylvia...

Another side is Jessica and Martin, i think so, they need to break up, cos MArtin stop calling him.. andcome to tis episode, i think so, the Mum ( Lee Sze Kei ) actually wan Siao Mei ( Aida Choi )to break up wif Martin, cosin her mind, she wan to mix Yi Mei Constance ( Gigi ) and Terrence ( Moses ) , so come to here,only i know it..cos, at 1st,i will feel the mum so happy on her daughter can get a rich man, but.. haha..they mum also very clever, cos Terrence is her target then Martin.
So, due to sad of breaking up, Jessica being sended for job to oversea.

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