Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Episode 79)Spoiler

Episode 79:-

And Sylvia due to want to make Jessica fights againts with Terence,just to win the business... she purposely do alot and telling Jessica, tatTerence is 1 who killed Suen Suen... and Jessica, start to think alot and sound belive Sylvia... OMG..
Another side, after so many thing happen, luckly Kalvin still meet Catherineand Catherine will delivered the baby and take care by own self.
Another side, Contance started the relationship with Terence, but in betweeni guess so, they wont easly stat, cos no matter how, Terence have done something bad behind ( derek died case )
And come to no way, Terence decide to tell Mr Suen and sad Mr 1st, he feel to help COnstance to re-build her with Terence but,,now i don't feel so... but, he did not told wat this to Constance.
Another side, Sunny cannot accept how, Sylvia just to help Kalvinand do alot bad thing behind ( abt Suen Suen died ) and quarrel with Sylvia.
Another side, Elise did leave Will and WOh, cos she also feel so sorry and will back to America with grand-pa and grand-ma

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