Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Episode 80)Spoiler

Episode 80:-

Due to Sylvia done, Jessica start to do something to causeTerence in to trouble and Will and Kalvin , sit behind just to see wat will happen next.always pity Terence in tis series.. alot of thing he knows, but no 1 believe him... and being fool around.
Again Sunny ask Sylvia to stop , wat she is doing, but Sylvia just cant stop..cos, just to help Kalvin, wat ever she also willing to do.. OMG..
Another side, Constance feel so weird , how come Jessica will think ofTerence is the 1 to killed Suen Suen... but no matter how she talk, Jessica, is like into mentally problem, wont believe anyone.
And even Sylvia know Kalvin did something, will cause her into jail soon..but, she stil helping Kalvin.. :(
And due to Terence know Jessica done alot on him and might cause him into jail..and he start to find something bad, she done before and being found by Constance..sure Constance stopped him to do so... and she get away the document of Jessica bad thing.
so, next Sylvia being caught by ICAC due to done something illegal on business..actually is done by kalvin, but Kalvin wont admit, and just let Sylvia to suffer it..andSunny really angry.
And great tat Phillip did meet Jessica, and told her Suen Sune is accidently killed byhim, but Jessica choose do dun want believe, cos, she have no turning back..she havd done too much bad and over...
And luckly SUnny told everything on Jessica done to Terence is due to Sylvia isdoing it behind and
Sunny really want to help Sylvia and have report police and told police, Kalvinis the 1 who done all this....but Sylvia feel so angry, cos she wont careand will suffer for Kalvin.

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