Monday, August 10, 2009

In Burning Flame III , Who of them you like the most ?

Encore Fong Li Onn, Firemen, ( Bosco Wong )
A charming, cute and funny guy, childish too,
at first no target and direction of live, only hang around with
friends and play around, suddenly come across to saved by Chung Yao Xing ( Wong He )
2 times, lead him to interested on to be a firemen and he as a firemen,
from a only think to be hero firemen and now he is a talented and
responsible and work in team firemen,
To love life, he met Easy ( Aimee Chan ) is a police-women, at
1st, he treat her friend, cos Easy is not the type he want, but end up, they married
and have a son.

So, do you like Encore Fong ?

Easy , Police-Women ( Aimee Chan )
A rough and easy going girl , with think to be a CID dept police-women,
but when his dream fulfill, he got pregnant,
From don't like Encore , end up, be come admier him and
start to have deep feel to Encore due to, seeing Encore is a responsibily and
great firemen.
So , do you like Easy ?

Chung Yao Xing , Firemen ( Wong He )
A very stubborn and hardworking firemen, due to his stubborn
cause he success on his career as a firemen and fullfill his dad dream
to finish his studies , but also due to his stubborn cause him
loose the girl friend ( Ying Ying - Myolie ) and also cause him loose one of his leg,
But his stubborn also lead him to stand-up again for wat ever he loose.
So, do u like Chung Sir ?

Ying Ying , Admin clerk in fire-office ( Myolie Wu )
A sweet and nice girl tat live wif dad and step-mum , step-sis and step-bro,
so care of grand-ma and have her own dream as a piano player,
but after know Chung, he arrange all for her and she just follow at 1st, but
when time flies, she feel hard to breath and un happy together wif Chung, end up break,
but once break , Chung go accident while save ppl during work and go into coma,
she feel sorry for saying tat to Chung and wish so he wil wake up 1 day, at this moment,
Rex ( Kevin Cheng ) helps and care for her so much, and they start their relationship,
but Chung wake up, and end up now, in middle of 2 men, how to decide ?
So, do you like Ying-Ying ?

Rex , Police-Officer ( Kevin Cheng )
A super nice guy and good man of a firemen, tat what ever think happen,
he will think of friends and co-worker 1st, then only own self,
Always help friends and Chung is his best friends, from nothing from Chung,
he helps him until he is a great firemen and even they met Ying together,
but due to he know Chung like Ying, so he did not made any action to chase after Ying,
but when Chung is in come, he started the relationship wif Ying slowly and even help
Chung's dad alot while he is in coma,
So, do you like Rex ?
So, any of 5 of them, who you like the most, u can vote 2 of them !
pls drop your vote at the side of them blog and you also can leave any COMMENT
over here. Hope you enjoy voting !

Thanks :)


LynneD. said...

hmm...would be Bosco's xD ...I like his childish side with the lollipop xD hehe...

Summer said...

LynneD ~ too, i vote for Bosco (Encore) & Chung ( Wong He )