Monday, August 3, 2009

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》Episode 14 (spoiler)

Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》
Episode 14

From last episode, Ying ( Myolie ) so sad abt the voice mailed of Chung ( Wong He ) being deleted by the office firemen, and finally, it’s not her hp, it’s another person hp and her hp ‘s voice mail did not being deleted, she is so happy for tat.

Next the little girl tat being saved by Chung and Rex (Kevin Cheng), is awake from the scary and she told out what happen in the day of fire on building and being notice by 1 of the firemen who is under Chung’s team last time, the actual mistakes have done is Chung and not Rex and he hide, is dun wan let Chung’s dad know abt tis, coz Chung is coma now and if he notice his own son done wrong sure he feel sad, but the firemen feel, Rex should not do so, due to the truth must report to their head.

Another side, all others firemen talk some bad gossips behind Ying and being notice by Ying’s brother and he scold them for simply say and tell them tat, b4 Chung get to coma, they already break up.. and Encore ( Bosco Wong ) feel like it’s not too good to always bad mouthed behind ppl, but others firemen is doing a lot of gossip behind.

This day, while Rex wanna them to use the old type of way on saving fire in training class, Encore voice out he don’t do due to he dun respect what Rex have done and both have a quarrel.

And while Encore visit Chung, Chung’s dad is there and he notice from Chung tat, b4 Chung happen anything, he and Ying already break up and he feel he have miss-understand on Rex & Ying and feel sorry to them

At last, the truth is out, and the firemen already told their head abt what actually happen and cause Rex worried abt Chung’s dad, and at last Chung’s dad already know the incident and feel sad too.. but Rex have done his best to protect them.

So, this day while Encore they think want to write a letter to their head abt Rex bad thing and b4 they passed the letter, the little girl come over to visit Rex and she told the actually happen on tat day in the building, cuase them feel sorry and shy for miss-understand on Rex and they feel shy for tat and they now even more respect Rex and have a sorry meal for him. Now Rex and the staff be come good friends

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