Monday, June 29, 2009

Ada Choi takes care of her health to prepare to have children

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Ada Choi wore a mini dress yesterday evening and went to Macau to watch Korean singer Rain's concert. She stated that she didn't go there alone and actually went with 3 family members. Due to her husband working in Mainland they weren't able to go together. The reporter asked if she wanted to take photos with Rain? She laughed "No, I am shy. I am afraid I won't be able to control myself because I am now someone's wife. I rather remain seated and scream with the other female fans".The reporter mentioned that she had less work these days and whether it was to do with having children? She said "I really want to have children. I am starting to take care of my health but my husband is not in Hong Kong. I can only contact him by phone". (Will you take a flight to Mainland to visit him?) "I still have jobs to do and cannot leave. I don't want to get too tired and rather take care of my health".

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Summer said...

Ya, Aida should have baby soon, if not, later bit too old lo..