Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maggie Siu refuses to comment on Ekin Cheng’s relationship issues

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Last night, Maggie Siu attended the first anniversary celebration for Easy Pha-max. She is the spokesperson for their health product. The event was arranged by the founders of the company.Arriving in a sexy low-cut gown, Maggie attracted many audience members who requested to take photos with her. She expressed that she has been their spokesperson for one year, but has been using their product for two years. She feels that their product has had a positive impact on her metabolism, and she doesn’t feel tired easily now. Maggie revealed that she will be filming a movie and tv series very soon. When asked if she wouldn’t have the time to date, Maggie replied that it’s a secret. She is very happy to be able to work. Reporters then asked of such rumors as Ekin Cheng having relationship problems, and Ekin getting married. Maggie replied that in the past, he treated her quite well, so she refused to respond to such rumors.

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Summer said...

They break up long time, how come the reporter stil ask her such silly question ...