Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 16 to Epi 20 ( Spoiler )

Next to episode 16 to 20, wow

interesting, the pairing i've been waiting , come ..

Elaine Yiu and Chris + Ella Koon and Chin Ka Lok,

sound Ella and Chin is 1st time as on screen couple..

So, to Ella and CHin, they're martial art master, but

earlier Only You all ppl thought they're gangster, don't dare

to ignore them, but end up Ever Mak and Chin be come

good brother and even help them held a " wow " wedding party..

After that , appearance of Summer dad, is a thief that use to

cheated ppl money , cause Summer in these few episode,

in a sad mood , and luckly there is Man beside him and

Man start to fall in love to him, but too bad,

Summer just being rejected by Yao Yao, he still not ready yet

for a new relationship, cause Man so shy infront of him.. but at the

end of episode 20, they both started their relationship

( coming up next will be Susan Tse 's as 1st wife to

control the wedding of 2nd wife's son )

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