Thursday, April 7, 2011

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 11 to Epi 15 ( Spoiler )

Only You 只有您 ~ Epi 11 to Epi 15 ( Spoiler )

Series always the same, from enemies be come couple,

same as Summer and Ah Man , haha , guess so Man start to have

special feel to Summer ,but Summer only Yau Yau in his heart,

So, next couple is Kitty Yuen and Stephen Wong ,

sound as beauty and the beast pairing , but they

have their sweet and romantic love story , and due to

Man is the wedding planner for their wedding,

she happen to met Joel Chan, a handsome and rich

bachelor , and he started his plan , chase after Man, but too bad,

he is actually gay and he only used Man to get what he want,

end up hurt Man deeply, luckly there is Summer to be her side.

After recover from sad of Man, her feeling towards Summer

more deep , and while she thinking of may be, there is a chance

to start with Summer, here Yau Yau's come back from oversea,

due to she need to do a 3D wedding photos for " Ray Wong and Elena Kong "

next couple story coming, a sweet and touching couple..

So , Man just could hide her feeling inside, but too bad, Summer just

had a sweet and happy moment with Yau Yau for few weeks and end up, again

Yau Yau fly back to oversea in a sudden way, just same as 6 years ago..

this time , is time for Man to be his side.

and coming next, is a cute and funny couple " Ella Koon and Chin Ka LOk "

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