Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grace Under Fire - 女拳 ~ Epi 11 to Epi 15 ( spoiler )

Grace Under Fire - 女拳 ~ Epi 11 to Epi 15 ( spoiler )

What a sad episode of Ah Sui @ Kenneth Ma need to send to jail and
need to hang untill die , and he is not the 1 to killed Master Wong Son ( Ray Wong )
luckly end up , Master Wong still help Ah Sui and he no need send to hang untill die
but he need send to jail for 6 months, but in jail life, he is so pity, everyday
being beat by those ppl inside...

Ah Fa @ Fala start to had special feeling to Ah Loong @ Bosco Wong, but
Ah Sui thought Ah Fa will wait him, Ah Fa don't dare to reject Ah Sui, due to
Ah Sui is so pity, so she just wait for the correct moment and
in Ah Fa heart only Ah Loong, even while Ah Loong got into virus fever, might
took away his life w/o medicine, and is costly medicine and Ah Fa
whatever think also willing to do, just to get money to save Ah Loong,
too bad, her money being steal by pick pocket thief... she cry sadly, luckly
Hong Pong get his dad Master Wong to help... Master Lui thanks Master Wong
so much.

At last 6 months is over , Ah Sui is out from jail, he thinking is time to earn more
money to married with ah Fa , not matter get how many insult, he still can stand due
to earn money to married with Ah Fa, end up Ah Fa can't reject him again.

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