Friday, January 3, 2014

貓屎媽媽 Coffee Cat Mama Epi 4 to Epi 5

貓屎媽媽 Coffee Cat Mama Epi 4 to Epi 5

Thai Zhi Bao ( Bosco Wong ) really cares of Bao Zhou Gong , he always worried he will sick ..
so will do alot for the son.

And even the son said , Grace coffee is nicer than those coffee at restaurant and
Thai Zhi Bao try to learn w/o notice from Grace , at the end get scold for simply
touched the coffee machine.. but after Grace notice, he wanna learn just for the son
, Grace do willing to teached Thai Zhi Bao :)

Another side Long Leg Kai Yeh very very very good gf appear ady ..
she really very good gf and , due to Mr & Mrs Bean cafe business is dropping
so , Vincent Wong is thinking to help but make delicious cakes for Soh Mei ( Nancy Wu ) Cafe

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