Monday, January 6, 2014

貓屎媽媽 Coffee Cat Mama Epi 6 to Epi 7

貓屎媽媽 Coffee Cat Mama Epi 6 to Epi 7

From episode 6 to episode 7, it's really pretty funny, Thai Zhi Bao thinking
bring Bao Zhou Gong to have an experience to sit plane.. but no money,
so he thinking to join contest of coffee design .. but can't so
he thinking own self learn and try to get tips from Grace,
at the end being found out by Grace.. and they 2 is pretty cute
to bump up with Giant Duck.. and they both be come popular
and Mr & Mrs Bean cafe get lots of customers..

Of course Soh Mei is so happy for that and getting they as couple team
to join contest and also be the cafe spoke person.

Due to Bao Zhou Gong is growing up , Thai Zhi Bao is the example to him..
he found out, Bao Zhou Gong from to be a pilot at the end only think to be
a bus driver... so he made up his mind, he need to changed and be a
good role model for his son.

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