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Sir Run Run Passed Away at Age 107 (1907 - 2014)

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Sir Run Run Passed Away at Age 107 (1907 - 2014)

The honorary chairman of TVB, Sir Run Run (Siu Yat Fu), passed away peacefully in his home this morning at the age of 107. Sir Run Run was the Hong Kong tycoon in the television and movie scene. He was born in 1907 in Shanghai and has family roots from Ningbo, Zhejiang. His birth name was Siu Yan Ling. Among the eight siblings, Sir Run Run was the 6th brother and therefore he was nicknamed "6 Uncle".

6 Uncle established Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) in 1958 and served as the chairman. He also built the Shaw Studios in Clear Water Bay in Kowloon. Since the 60s, Shaw Brothers had long-term domination of the Hong Kong film industry, producing over a thousand films and turned many into superstars, famous directors and scriptwriters. Some notable ones were Linda Lin Dai, Ivy Ling Po, Richard Li Han Hsiang, Raymond Chow, Chang Cheh, etc.

Although Sir Run Run was born to a wealthy family, he still had his own style to success. He was hard working, had appreciation and good with numbers. Talented in film making, Sir Run Run diligently learned all aspects of film making from editing to filming to scriptwriting and directing, he knew it all. This really helped him in his career development. As for his thoughts on the younger generation, Sir Run Run had once said: "The young people today are have high expectations, they are well educated, but they cannot endure through hardships, which is a huge regret."

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