Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler ) Episode 2

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler )
Screencaptures of series , Episode 2 Reviews

To episode 2, due to break off marriage of Gigi, Maggie as the sis, feel want to cheer her sis and by introducing somefriends to her and here come, Aida husband ( patrick ) and too bad.. actually they arrange to introduce a friend to Gigiand have dinner at a hote's restaurant, but being reported in another way of Aida's Husband have an affair wif Gigi ..pity Gigi, never wonder, Aida will buy an air tic and ask her to get away from hk..due to they might happen something b4, on abt relationship in between her and Gigi plus a guy.. ( think so, later will being on screen )

And, while Aida is angry on Gigi's even the mum will side Gigi and don't side her.. she feel so angry , andhere i saw Wong He cheer her up..and make me feels..i think so, the 1 who Wong He admier is not Gigi, is Aida..haha..and when Aida back home and shouted and shopping due to the news.. she only notice, her husband company is in critical moment..

Another side, marriage in between Maggie and Tim , is also broken problems marriage.. they seldom meet each otherand have lots of conflits .. and pity is, even the mum of Maggie don't believe won daughter and think of, Maggiehave an affair wif the company artist and while she meet up wif the artist.. to ask the artist don't disturb herdaughter any more.. haiz.. she don't the real truth of the party is, the 1 who have affair , is Daisy another rich women and not Maggie..and pity is, Tim listen the conversation in between Mum ( LSK ) with the artist..cos, theartist admit he got affair with Maggie... haiz..pity Maggie..and i think so, Tim will wanna divorce with her soon..

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