Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler ) Episode 1

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 ( Contain Spoiler )
Screencapture of the series, Episode 1 Reviews

Gem Of Life, the starting of the series, 3 main role " Aida , Gigi and Maggie " on the scene..with the beautifyl jewellery that being gave to them by their dad before they married. The jewellery isbeautiful. And starting wonder how come Da Mei ( Maggie ) will be enemies to Siao Mei ( Aida ) by done gossip and bring an artist under her working company ,she as a PR of the company andthe aritist got rumous with Siao Mei / Jessica husband , and give me a feels of the sisterrelationship is not that good lo..

Next to on screen is Lee Sze Kei & David Chiang ( Mum & Dad ) of the 3 sisters, Da Mei, Yi Mei and Siao Mei ( Maggie, Gigi and Aida )when the appearance of Lee Sze Kei , i feel she is those kind of, got little bit of money, but is a quite fussy lady.but the husband, David he is the nice and caring husband of Lee Sze kei & 3 daughtersnext the appearance of Wong He ( Ah Woh ) he is the student of David in the jewellery factory,and at 1st, when Gigi ask him for helps to help her on pretend as chaser of her to let her husbandfeel nervous on tis and will care her more.. and the way Wong He say on how she love Gigi..i really tot tat,he admier Gigi...

Due to Gigi's husband having problem on financial, so she sold out the jewellery that the dad have her..and beingnotice by the mum and dad and even the mum know that, Gigi is back from oversea and is trying to seek helps from2 sis for money to help the husband, but pity Gigi she don't know that, her husband is having another affair behind withanother girl..

And, the mum LSK, i will feel, she did not really bother hows the daughter feels and just do , wat she feel is correctand by hurting Gigi, she voice out everything abt Gigi's husband affair and cause, the 2 of them no more turning point,only break up and cry so sadly of Gigi.. this cause Maggie, i feel, she must be, don't really accept what her mum doneand voice out to mum saying she have done the wrong way of settle Gigi's marriage.. and cause end up..Gigi feel more sad and run away.. but, ending of episode 1, is quite touching, cos no matter how bad the relationshipin between sisters.. but they still love each other.

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