Friday, October 31, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)Episode 4

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)Episode 4
Screencapture of series, Episode 4 Reviews

Episode 4, Kalvin ( Bowie ) again.. still kept on disturbing Terence, even when he is having dinner with his gf..any way, Kalvin he is the kind of don't love to loose and if he wanna win, he wil do alot of thing behind just to win and he pretend to remember Sunny ( Kenny Wong ) in-order that Sunny will helphim next time on Boat Racing and pity Terence, Sunny really help Kalvin..

And due to Da Mei company want to have an contract on shotting a movie with Kalvin, Da Mei , need to meet up with Kalvin and at the same time, he did have a meet with his husband to re-build back theirrelationship, but too bad.. Da Mei have meet with a fussy client and due to, she being push to the pooland cause her all wet to meet Tim , and pity is, Tim is planning to live seperately with her.. I never wonder Da Mei will do this, due to sad and angry, when she saw Kalvin hlaf drunk lay on thefloor of the building's entrance, she go and hit Kalvin head with her high heels..haha.. Great Da Mei

Another side, i m so surprise of Patrick ( Siao Mei ) husband will agreed on helping Siao Mei fatherto held a business on jewellery and end up.. they is not planning to help, but to cheat Siao Mei 'dad money, oh God.. how come Siao Mei will do tat.. and w/o anyone notice, she though they can do itquietly , but due to she brought a pirate bag and make her skin sensative..and being notice byMum and Yi Mei, abt her husband company is in critical moment..

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