Friday, October 31, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)Episode 5

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Contain Spoiler)
Screencapture of series, Episode 5 Reviews

To episode 5, David knows abt Siao Mei & Patrcik cheated him abt the business and another side,he did know abt , Lee Sze Kei did have sickness..tat still not sure, is what kind of sickness...
To Da Mei, due to last time she had hit Kalvin with her high heels, when she reached his office to sign abt the filming contracts... Kalvin did arrange all staff to try the high heels on to find outwhether who is the lady that hit him, but actually he is doing something to scare Da Mei andplus, he wont easy sign the contract with her, he will make a fool on her every time he meet her.. Oh pity Da Mei
This scene is quite romantic, of while Yi Mei see Siao Mei still got the heart on shopping due tothe husband business is in critical and she stil shopping, cuase Yi Mei so angry and scolded her in thebutic, but Siao Mei due to dun want let ppl seeing them on quarrel and try to talk soft to her but,when she cant stand any more on Yi Mei, she voice out something very hurt to Yi Mei and cuaseshe cry in the fitting room and in another side, Terence is waiting for her gf that trying new cloths..And while crying sadly Yi Mei ( Gigi ) saw a gown in the wedding room and just take it for a tryand being sawed by Terence... its really beautiful of Yi Mei, have grab Terence attention again..and the 1st time of Yi Mei and Terence to meet.. and so gentle of Terence, did pay for the gown and brought for Yu Mei w/o her notice..just due to , she carried the gown so beautifully.
Oh pity Da Mei, travel far away and need to talk abt the contract with Kalvin and Kalvin easyly signed, but after few hours, the signature be come blur and lost.. and she need back to hotel to get thesignature again... haiz.. pity Da Mei

Another side, Siao Mei and Patrick did travel to there, due to wanna meet up with Terence to ask him for join to their company projects... and i think so hardly Terence will joincos, earlier, while Yi Mei crying scene, i think so, Terence did heard what they're quarrel abtand did say Patrick is just clever on cheating family money..
And pity Terence, the Boat Racing started but this time he lossed to Kalvin.. i think so, should be something happen being done by Kalvin and cause he loosed the race..
Another side, this scene, did coming out alot of other cast.. all of the cast wear in beautiful and expensive jewellery to attend a party .. and ending part of tis episode, suddenlyPatrick ride a boat out in the nite and lost in the middle of the sea and cause Siao Meiso scary and kept on look for her husband.

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