Saturday, June 15, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 1 Review

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 1 Review

Hi , am here again start my screen capture with A Change Of Heart ,
it's been a year since i did not do any screen captures , due to some
problem on my Media Player Classic, luckly Lynne from TVB Horizon
gave me a helps , really thanks alot Lynne , and here it comes .. my coming
all screen review for A Change Of Heart

I really love this serious thought , esp Bosco Wong ,
this definately , he my super idol , next , it seen first time he played
as on screen couple with Niki , do got spark , i guess so ...
Next , wow.. Joey Meng is just too pretty ..

So  , episode , introduce of them
Bosco ~ Ah Yat / Dr. Yew / Ah Yue ( After Ah Yat passed away ) this time
Bosco played 2 role.

Niki ~ Yuen Siu Gat / Mdm Yuen

Mic Miu ~ Power / Mr Fong

Joey Meng ~ Mrs Fong ( Wife of Mic Miu )

So , starting of Mic Miu actually got a bad health and he needs a heart to replace
his bad hearts , but how to find a heart for him .. unless someone passed away and willing
to pass on his heart to him ... so he and wife ( Joey Meng ) try hard to find his suitable heart
before he passed away , why his doctor will be Dr. Yew ( Bosco ) is due to the Dr. that use to
take care of him , cos of Mr. Fong thinking to give him a b'day surprise by telling him he is ill
and asked him rushed to his hse, and accidently being band down and passed away from Mr. Fong
driver.. aww.. this is just so sad !!

So to Siu Gat and Ah Yat , a police officer Mdm Yuen busy on her tight schedule at police station,
same as Dr. Yew busy on his business as doctor.. so they both hardly meet , but still ok to have
meal together and have a great chemistry on their both .. i really love al their love scene in episode 1 !!

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