Saturday, June 22, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 6 Review

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 6 Review

Oh , twins brother of Ah Yat , appeart , Siu Gat get to meet up with him ,
It's ah Yuet also as Hugo , ( this time Bosco will have 2 different role , am sure he can handle it well )

But Hugo is kind of funny and totally different with Ah Yat , alot of miss understanding with
Siu Gat , cos he is using his brother Ah Yat funeral to earn money , this really makes Siu Gat and
Eason feel bad .

Another side , after change Ah Yat heart of Mr. Fong , he start to change ,
he will appeart at Ah Yat funeral and met up with Hugo , really get a shocked.

And Siu Gat really dislike Hugo , so always quarrel with him ..

Ending part is really funny

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